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Well, I just had my first ballet class...


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Hello, everyone! I'm new here, thought I'd post with my first ballet class experience...


So today I went to the first ballet class I've taken since I was 8 years old. Well, apparently we got the times mixed up, and I showed up in the middle of the class. :huepfen: Also, I had to exchange my shoes at the last minute because the first pair turned out to be too big, and so I spent the entire class tucking in elastics and drawstrings.


Other than that, it was alright. The class usually has about fifteen students, but only three showed up today. Even so, it was pretty hectic. I didn't know what any of the steps were, or any of the arm positions so I just imitated the other students as best I could...except when the other students were also having a hard time, and then we all looked like a mess.


Class highlights were watching a bit of the rehearsal for Nutcracker during our break, and one girl wiping out bigtime during a pirouette.


I really wish I had joined at the beginning of the semester, since I will only have one more class before the school closes for Christmas. Also, maybe I would have been given a bit more guidance...I hate being completely clueless. :clapping: I hope the next class will go more smoothly, and hopefully I'll have an actual leotard and tights.


This is a great forum and I'm glad to meet you all!

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I know how you feel I am on my fifth lesson.

It gets better ! I must admit I have got the bug and

I am practicing at every opportunity - I hope your

teacher is as patient as mine !


Good luck



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Better late than never! Don't worry about the shoes, leotard, tights, etc. We have all been a beginner student (at least once), and I think you noticed yourself more than others. I'm speaking for myself, but I love it when we get a new student, it brings fresh ideas, and a new prospective to class. Keep up the good work!

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