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Guest ki††y

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Guest ki††y

I have just recently turned 14 years old, and this is my first year of taking ballet. I have wanted to do it for a long time, except my parents didn't have the money, so I had to start later. I'm in a class with kids a few years younger then me, but I don't seem to mind it. My very first day, I knew I loved it, and it was something I knew I would like. I dream of becoming a proffesional dancer, but as I looked through posts, I saw that usually people who start later, and don't take classes every day are most likely not going to. I only take one class a week, which is an hour and 45 minutes long. I'm not to good with flexibility, but I stretch out almost every day. I'm also not to great with turns. I always try my hardest, and put a lot of heart into my attempts.

Now my question is, how can I work on becoming the best dancer I can be?

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Hi, Ki††y, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk for Dancers on Ballet Alert! Online! :shrug:


The answer to your question is kind of simple, but at the same time, it's complicated. The way to improve at ballet is -- take more ballet classes. For the first few months, it's fine to just take a few, to get your body accustomed to the unfamiliar way of moving, but then you have to start taking more and more classes with the very best school you can find until, by the end of about a year, you're taking at least one class a day, except on Sunday. Good luck.

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Guest ki††y

Would practicing what I learned for a few hours a day make up for not having dance class everyday, or will I need instruction for each day? And will I be able to take a summer program, or are they only for advanced?

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Practicing is not generally recommeded for beginners, kitty, as you can groove in bad habits. One really needs the watchful eye of a teacher in the early years. It's very important to try and get more classes. That's the only way. Sorry :)


As for Summer Intensives, they are generally geared for the Intermediate and Advanced students, but if your own school has one, they might have a class for their own students on a daily basis. Talk to your teacher about it.

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Guest cheeriodancer10

From my experience, having a good teacher teach you good habits early on helps so much in the future. I didn't have the greatest instruction from about 5-11 yrs. old. Then when I switched studios, I found out I had some bad habits that I hadn't even been corrected on at the old studio! It surprised me but eventually I worked through most of them.

Good Luck to you kitty :)

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