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I have a part where I have to kick my back leg up in an attitudish position (arms holding a rod above my head) - it really is a kick so is not very strictly placed. My problem is that I can't get it up high enough. I can generally get my legs up quite high at the barre however, with the aid of the barre, I am able to let my back drop further than with the rod. How can I get my leg higher? It seems to stop at about 90 and just won't go. Are tehre any stretches that specifically loosen the muscle above the back of your leg? Thanks.

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I would have to suggest that the person responsible for rehearsing you in this part would be the one who might give you suggestions on how to accomplish the line you are desiring. It is difficult to help without actually seeing what you are doing. Try asking for help in rehearsal. Generally that is why there are rehearsals.

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