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Guest Until The End Of Time

I plan to see St. Petersburg Ballet: Romeo and Juliet. Please give me feed back if the tickets are worth purchasing. I went to their website and they seem decent but I have no clue. So please reply. My screen name is Sk8lunatic to get in touch personally or you can write back here. Just saw the Greater Moscow Ballet: Nutcracker tonight and I loved it. :D

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The problem is that there are at least two companies with names a lot like that. Who's the artistic director of this one?

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Guest Until The End Of Time





That's what ticketmaster.com says. That's all I can find on it. :D yes I am mad lol. I want to know more about it.

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i saw one company with this name about one month ago, in australia, doing swan lake. they were extremely competent and very (charmingly) old-fashioned. they lacked 'feeling' but danced well. worth seeing - but not at exorbitant cost and/or if you are in a city where you have lots of other performance options.


hope that helps.


i imagine it is the same company, continuing on their long tour.

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Florida USA or Russia??????


There should be law that cities should have unique names, Springfield Smithtown Portland, river city, grand harbor, Washington Madison Jefferson just to name a few.


I should not comment, I once sat next to someone with my name on an airplane, the flight staff had a big laugh when they introduced us.





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Almost enough to make you want to change your name to Lyman Z. Herpelsnonk, isn't it? --- almost.

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