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X-Training and the Nalini Method

Guest futuredancer

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Guest futuredancer

Over this winter break, I'm going to start cross-training to help me improve with my ballet. I did Pilates briefly earlier this year, but I never really caught on with it. I walk every chance I get to build up stamina, but I would like to improve my core strength and tone and lengthen the muscles in my arms. I am debating between weight-lifting and trying a new method I just heard about called the Nalini method, which, according to the flyer I have for it, is a "combination of yoga, pilates, aerobics, ballet, and resistance training" and "enhances flexibility, improves posture, creates longer, leaner muscles, and strengthens core and tones body". This seems to be what I am looking for, I just do not know much about the technique. Has anyone here had any experience with it or would advise me to go in another direction with my cross-training? Answers will be most appreciated :)

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Futuredancer, I'm sorry there have been no replies to this topic, but actually I have never heard of this method, so maybe there are not a lot of people here who know anything about it. However, someone may yet turn up with some knowledge, so keep checking. :)

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