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ballet classes in Rome and Milan

Guest rubria

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Guest rubria

Does anyone know of a good school with very flexible hours (evenings, weekends, possibility of enrolling for one class only...). I travel a lot and can't take regular class....If you also can recommend a teacher, wonderful. I usually take beg/interm. classes, and my last intensive course was in Cuba at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba -

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rubria, I'm not well informed about schools in Rome or Milan but one of my colleagues is. I'll ask her about it and I'll let you know as soon as possible.


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rubria, I've found some addresses of well known dance schools (I search on the Internet because I wasn't able to find my friend):





Centro di Danza Balletto di Roma

Via Aurelia 477 tel.+390666018841 http://www.ballettodiroma.it


AI.D. Associazione Italiana Danzatori

Via Innocenzo X, 2 tel.+390658331120


Scuola di danza Mimma Testa

Via San Francesco di Sales, 14 tel. +39066869330





Associazione California Dance

Via G. Bellezza 8 tel +390258302244 http://californiadancecenter.com

e-mail: california.dance@tiscalinet.it


Arcobaleno Danza

Via Solari, 6 Milano Tel.+39024694914 www.arcobalenodanza.it




Via Fontana 15 Tel. +39025457643 www.cimd-danza.com


Venditti Walter

Via Monfalcone 7



Scuola di Danza Mara Terzi

Via Dogana 4 Tel.+390286460394




BTW, do you understand or read the Italian language?


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Guest rubria

Si! Parlo italiano. Non troppo bene pero.

Mille grazie per le informazioni. Saro a roma in due settimane e chiamero le scuole indicate nel tuo messagio. Fai balleto anche tu?

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Rubria, we respectfully ask that all posts on this board be written in English so that everyone can read them. If you wish to send a personal message to someone, please click on the little icon above their post with the envelope and the two people standing by it, and this will bring up a form for you to send a Private Message to this person. Thank you :)

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Segreta, unfortunately I don't know anything about ballet schools in Bologna! There's a very good modern school, rather famous in Italy in which I studied many years ago but I've never heard of a good ballet school.


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Guest segreta

antoP-> Well, a modern dance school is ok too! Do they have open classes? Or web site?


I have friends in Bologna and I visit there some times so it would be nice to try what's dancing like there! :)

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Guest rubria

Segreta, AntoP,


NYCB is going to perform at teatro regio di parma in august. have you ever been to parma? i plan to go but wonder what the stage/ambience is like....

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Parma, as almost every town in Italy is simply marvellous. You'll have a great time there (very very good food :))



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