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Career: Jobs and US Trained Dancers


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This article basically says it all. A very good read for all involved in ballet!

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BW...thanks much for pointing out that piece. I think the last paragraph speaks volumes. Actually the whole article is a wonderfully articulated peek into that world.


Thanks and regards…Doug.

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There are many american dancers in foreign companies just as there are foreign dancers here. It still comes down to whether the AD likes you or not. Dancers get jobs with the AD that likes them. That AD may be here in America or there in Germany.


When parents ask me where a student should audition I usually tell them "Everywhere they can." One AD will hate a dancer another AD wants to make a star and there is no way to predict that. There is also no way for any school to predict whether that dancer will be foreign or domestic. I don't think there is a problem with training in America or a problem with American dancers. It is simply as it always has been in the dance world: The best dancers get the jobs. I think there are simply more dancers trying for the jobs now, foreign and not.

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I think you may be right on about this, LMC. When it comes right down to it, it's a totally subjective thing, and each director will have his/her own ideas about who is right for the company. I don't think that they think in terms of American trained or not, they look for the ones that strike them in some way as being really solid potential and fitting in with the places open in their company.

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