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Open classes in Toronto?


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Does anyone know about open classes in Toronto? There is a good chance I'll be spending part of the winter break there. I'll be staying at the northernmost end of Yonge (Willowdale/North York, practically in Markham) and will be using mass transit so anywhere on the Yonge axis or downtown would be best.

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Hi Diana180,


I'm surprised nobody's answered yet... but it really depends on when you'll be here, since a lot of places seem to close down for xmas. In my biased opinion, the best place for adults would be danceteq which has a number of different levels from beginner to advanced (ie professional level) as well as modern, hip hop, and jazz. It's a very nice environment. Subway accessible too (about an hour from most parts of North York).


There's also metromovement (they do have a website, I'll post it when I get home). I've only tried one or two lower level classes there. They're ok, just not as inspirational as at danceteq (jazz classes are rumoured to be very very good though). However, they are sometimes open during the holidays. Metromovement is pretty close to a subway station, possibly broadview? and is a little less far from North York, I'd say 45 minutes, max.


Mind Body Studio (or is it Mind Body Soul?) also has classes, but I don't know much about it.


If I remember correctly, there was a thread in the Mom and Dad forum last spring/summer about open classes which might have more information.


hope that helps!

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tigger has posted exactly what I would have. The only thing I would add is to make sure you check the schedule in advance for danceteq, or even e-mail them as sometimes classes are cancelled if NBOC needs the rehearsal space. There are ususally days off around stat holidays as well. Oh - one more thing, as far as I know the Advanced Ballet classes are only offered on weekdays during the day - so you might want to keep that in mind when scheduling your time if that's the level of class you're interested in. They are usually around 11 or 11:30 - but again check to make sure. We've been known to not check, resulting in daughter arriving at the wrong time for class.


All the best!



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Here is the old thread.


-Here's the MBS website; the studio is at Ossington and Queen (there's probably a streetcar that goes there)

Closed from Dec 23-27, then from the 31st-3rd (inclusive) for New Year's.

-Metro Movement at Broadview and Bloor

-danceteq is closed from Dec 18-Jan2


And a fun place to go shopping: Malabar :P

Oh, if you're in North York, Danceshoppe right by the Sheppard-Yonge station is good for pointe shoes and dancewear in every possible colour!

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Wow, that's so much more than I expected! I think I should be there some of the time MBS is open, at least, and the shops are good to know about too - Sheppard and Yonge is quite close, I think. When I tried to Google I only got some very professional school down at the waterfront which didn't look terribly open-classish. And it's not the last time I'll be there considering this is a family visit (which means by the time they've stuffed me full of food I'll be desperate for dance classes of any quality or variety). Thanks so much!

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