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Guest venecha

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Guest venecha

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been reading this board for quite some time and have really enjoyed it! I find everyone's comments on their experience very comforting!


I recently turned 30 years old and as a birthday present to myself, started taking ballet. I used to take a once a week beginner class in the evenings, but it was difficult for my 3-year-old daughter to watch me walk out the door without her (she wanted to go to my class with me). I recently switched to a different studio that offers so much more for the adult student! I am taking 2 classes a week, and the pre-school dance class (that is really a dance class, not creative movemen) starts 1/2 hour before my class on both days. When she gets out, she play's with the owner's son! A super arrangement for me! The studio is great as far as letting the adult student go as far as possible (she has definately 'older' women in her beginning pointe class). Older students are welcomed not only in the adult classes, but in the other classes as well.


Enough prattling! I just want everyone to know how much I've enjoyed this forum! I hope to become an active participant here...




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Welcome, Venecha! Glad to hear that you have been reading the board, and have now decided to join in the discussions :) Don't be afraid to post new topics and questions here! Glad you found a place where you and your daughter can both take classes, and where they take adults seriously. Not always easy to find!

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