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Now I know...

Guest justthedriver

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Guest justthedriver

Now I understand why they call this ballet "The Nutcracker". Hint; it has nothing at all to do with that big-jawed doll Clara's toting.


Between tech week, finals, and the holidays at our throats, my son and my family have hit the perfect storm of stress. Is anyone else melting down? My husband, a teacher, says girls are just more mentally organized in seventh grade than boys (or maybe ever - who can say?) All I know is, grades are dropping, knees are weak, tempers are going up in smoke, voices are pitched at volumn #10 and we still have six more days of it to go.


Somebody make me up a cold compress, and close the shutters. I've got to lie down. And I'm not even dancing.

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And now you know why I said we were enjoying a Non-Nut year! :P

At least you are honest about your stress and feelings!


Hints to make it through Nutcracker- Trade off driving and staying at rehearsals (if you need to be there) with your husband or better yet carpool. Order out food, drink wine, put the holidays on hold til after nut!


Let your ds sleep in and take him late to school. It is amazing what a little bit of extra sleep can do for everyone. If necessary take take a "sick" day from school or work. Go up to the school and talk to your sons teachers and see if he can get an extension on some of his work. It never hurts to ask.


Nutcracker is it is a lot like Childbirth. By this time next year you will have forgotten how stressed you were and do it all over again!!!

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Nutcracker is it is a lot like Childbirth. By this time next year you will have forgotten how stressed you were and do it all over again!!!


:thumbsup: Great one, LRS! :P

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This is our first year with no Nutcracker in....well, quite a number of years.


Funny thing is - dd insisted on going to see her old buddies perform on the weekend (had a great time -mom only had to drive 2 hours round trip :thumbsup: )


This week she has her own performances - not Nutcracker but dance nonetheless. I think there are five shows in 3 days.


Oh - did I mention there are also academic exams? Five this week, not including the ones that were re-scheduled due to dance requirements.....


And who said life without Nut was stress free?



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My middle school son is not even one of the dancers in my family and I'm drinking wine and applying cold compresses. I think we need a whole other discussion board for that topic. :P

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Hang in there justthedriver!! They grow up before you know it. Soon you'll be enjoying that glass of wine just before his performance in a totally stress free "Nut" season for you and the other members of your family (Dancers remain stressed!). You will need that glass of wine and that cold compress because you'll be fairly certain you should have been busier doing "Nut" related things.


By the way LRS, I too loved your childbirth comparison!!

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:) You should hear what all the union stagehands call 'Nutcracker'!!!!!! :gossip:

:D Clara 76

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