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Pet Peeves in adult ballet class


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Okay, just thought I'd start this topic in here, hope no body gets offended eek.gif


1. Chewing gum! yes even the teacher gives out chewing gum to dancers..is she mad?????? blimey surely the number one rule in anything active and one your mum no doubt drilled into you as a kid is never ever chew gum when you are exercising. Then I pick up a health and fitness magazine and read that a certain runners tip is to chew chewing gum as she runs...faint..


2. Adults that act like moody teenagers..surely anyone who has gone through the teenager years would never want to return...


3. People who stand in front of the mirrors, even when you are actually doing an enchainement and see if they can do 8 pirouettes, then look upset when you bump into them....


I'll be back with more.....

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Guest WendyMV

Ooooh..this goes along with my previous post...teachers who don't teach...and teachers who put people on pointe too soon. There are some girls who are on pointe at this studio who KNOW they shouldn't be on pointe! In fact they said "we just think *Sally* wants more money and that's why she told us we take pointe class." Okay, these girls (they are about 13 and 14 but have only had like two or three months of ballet total) are smarter than the teacher!

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Guest WendyMV

I thought of another one...teachers who bribe students...either with false compliments or candy, that REALLY gets on my nerves. I understand for little ones, maybe give them a sticker but good grief, are we TRYING to develop bad habits or put false ideas in these poor dancers' heads?! Encouragement is one thing but outright lying just to keep a student's business? (Trust me, I've seen it happen a lot.) That is one thing I will NEVER do if I ever own my own studio.


Another pet peeve...teachers who allow totally inexperienced dancers in an ADVANCED class. (I'm talking total beginners...)


I'm sure no one can tell these have all happened at a studio I'm familiar with!

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All of the things mentioned above would lead me to RUN to the nearest exit! frown.gif Gum should never, EVER, be allowed anywhere near a studio. Putting kids on pointe with no training is a clear indication of a teacher with no clue. All the other things about adult students should be controlled by the teacher, and if they are not, then find another one!

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Guest amdewitt

Well, one of my pet peeves about barre work as well. One school that I go to, does a lot of barre work, and whatever we work on at the barre, we practice in the center. This I like, because it seems we are building up to do the work in the center, and there seems to be a natural progression of work. Everything we learn builds on a basic step or position.


The other school, we do barre work, and a completely different center exercise. And it changes from week to week. So there's no correlation! It drives me nuts. I don't feel like we are building up to anything.

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Guest amdewitt

Oh, and here's a pet peeve about some of the students in that "no building block" class, frown.gif ...


Please tell me why people take ballet when they don't want to learn the harder stuff? I get really excited when we are learning something new that builds on stuff we already know. The other students groan! So many times, since the teacher has to teach to the "level" of the class, she'll say, "OK, we won't do that this week", and we won't learn it! It kills me. I guess it's the money thing! The other women take it for exercise/fitness. I want to learn the art. Very frustrating. mad.gif

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Guest WendyMV

You know what atti2de, this is what I did...we had a complete beginner join our advanced ballet class...I was VERY frustrated for the same reasons...the teacher "dumbed down" the class for this person. So I just decided to make it harder for myself...I started doing adagios on demi-pointe and adding in beats here and there when I could. I even take the class on pointe sometimes. Maybe you could find another class (either there or somewhere else) that is a harder level and take that? (I'm looking outside my studio as well.) Anyhow...just an idea.

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Oh, God! There's a list:


In Los Angeles, my biggest pet peeve is CELLL PHONES!!! They have no place in a class. If you're so busy that you can't take 1 1/2 hours off for a class, go read a book instead (unless of course you're a doctor).


Gum. Yuck.


Teachers who let students into upper level classes that aren't ready. I had one great intermediate class vanish because the teacher wouldn't say "No" so a slew of absolute beginners.


People who talk while the teacher is giving instructions.


People who can't take corrections. Hello! Whay ar eyou there if you can't take corrections?


Teachers who allow little kids into adults only classes.

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Guest amdewitt

WendyMV, I think you're right. I think I'm going to have to just stick with the Rockville school (the one I like). It's just that the one with the "ballet fitness" women is so close to home. Plus, the other school won't let me take open classes until after I finish another 10wks. I truly don't know if I want to stick it out though, so I've been researching other schools in the DC metro area. It seems that the better schools are closer in to the city.


Another peeve?


1)Teachers who think that "it's so cute that adults want to learn ballet". Or wonder why we get so excited about it at our age? and...


2)That we don't get included in recitals! I mean, I wouldn't want to get in front of people and make a fool of myself, but if I got to a point where I felt confident and the teacher felt that I was "good enough" to keep up with the choreography and that my technique was up to par, why couldn't I perform? It is a performing art.

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Guest Juliecute

Its already been mentioned but.... Teachers who don’t teach! I once went to a class were the teacher gave hardly any corrections and spent most of the time watching herself do exercise in the mirror.

I once went to a "beginner" class, where the teacher asked for grand battemen first in 90, and then 180! Oh, that reminds me… beginner classes that aren’t really beginner classes…

Sorry, had to rant!

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My peeves include things already mentioned. I'd like to add... very crowded classes that have people who are "clueless" about space issues.


I get steamed about people who come at the last-minute before class begins, or late, and then squeeze into a place on an already crowded barre. Some of us get to class early to warm up, get into our "preferred" spot, etc. and then have our space invaded.


Or, how about when the first row of a group in the center starts halfway back in the studio (unless, of course, the combination involves a lot of traveling forward), just because no one wants to be in front?


It's also a problem when people are either too tentative to cover appropriate space (thus getting in the way of others), or moving "so big" that they crowd/mow others down, disregarding personal space. Many times, there isn't even an apology for hitting someone (even accidentally).


Basically, a bit of common courtesy would be nice...

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Here's my list:


People in advanced classes who stay in the waiting area / dressing room after their classes, just to loudly and repeatedly complain how stiff and weak they are, making sure that qazillion times stiffer and weaker beginners look at them in awe.


People who force their turn-out from ankles and then brag about how good it is (even when repeatedly told by teachers that turn-out must come from the hip).


People who ask questions not to clarify something but because they want to show off ("Isn't it so that..."). People who ask questions not related to what is being taught during class time, instead of after class.


Teachers who don't correct. Or worse, don't even comment at all, so that you don't even know when you're doing well. And teachers who don't explain verbally what muscles etc I should be using, but only show the steps and combinations.

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Guest Kermita

My pet peeves include:


1. The teenagers in my class who constantly stand in front of the mirror and smooth out their slim hips and thighs and sigh that they need to start running.


2. Dancers asking for combinations to be repeated because they were talking.


3. An extremely slow barre combination full of developes that the teacher starts over because no one is doing it right -- and it's the one time you made no mistakes!

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