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Question about taking more classes

Guest Dreame6720

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Guest Dreame6720

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and have been taking ballet for about a year. I'm currently 27 but i wanted to take more ballet classes and eventually work up to pointe work. My teacher has said i have done really well so far. I was just wondering how to go about finding a place to accept adult students for pointe. or is it realistly imposssible at my age. Ultimatly i would love to work hard and become a performer in some way. I know professionally is not an option but even at local places would be nice:)

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Hello Dreame6720, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :firedevil:


Working up to pointe and performing non-professionally is not impossible, IF you have the training available along with the commitment, and most importantly, the physical facility. If your teachers feel that you have the physical facility, then the rest is up to you! A minimum of 3 technique classes a week, an hour and a half each to start. After about 3 years, if your training is good, you could be ready for pointe work, if all of the factors come together. If your school does not offer it for adult students, then you might ask to take a beginning pointe class with the younger students. If that doesn't work, then I guess you would have to look for a different school. No way to do that but search out all the schools that are in commuting distance and visit them. Some schools have pointe for adult students, some do not. But first, get more than one year of training! :D

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Pennsylvania is a very large state, so I don't know quite where you are geographically. If you are able to travel to Philadelphia or to Baltimore, you will be able to find some options. I could try to help you out, but I don't have PM privileges yet. By the time you are ready for pointe work, maybe we can write.



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Guest Dreame6720

Thanks Victoria Leigh!

Right now i'm taking 3 classes a week. 2 classes at 1 school and another class at a different place. So hopefully given enough time and practice i can work up to pointe. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask my teachers too :D



Right now i currently live in the Philadelphia area. It seems that there are alot of different schools around here. It's just hard to know where to begin :)


thank you both for your time.



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