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hi everyone


i was an avid modern and ballet dancer in ny

a year ago i moved to germany and stopped dancing for half a year. when i went back to ballet for i promptly got a knee injury. a slightly torn meniscus apparently. my question to everyone is, have you had any similar experience and does anyone know how quickly one can recover, ie go back to dancing? what do i do to avoid a repeat?



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rubria, did they operate on the torn miniscus? What treatment are you on, and how long will you be off? It is possible to recover completely, but the time varies with everyone, depending on the degree of injury. Also on your age. It can take longer to recover for an older adult than a very young adult.

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they will operate it,yes, it is only a slight tear apparently. i am 29 going on 30.

i wonder whether it is not too risky to take up ballet again, but i can't imagine not doing it!

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With only a slight tear, and arthroscopic surgery, you should be back in class within a few weeks, depending on what your doctor says and the therapy you do afterwards. It would be a very good thing if you could figure out what caused the injury, in order to prevent it in the future. Were you perhaps trying to turn out too much, or turning out your feet more than your knees and landing from a jump with the knees rolling in, or was there a fall or particular movement where this happened? Since you had been out of classes for some time, it's possible that you just did more than your body was ready to do at first. When you start back you will need to take it very slowly, and I would recommend NO grand pliés at all at the beginning. Also be careful with rond de jambe en l'air and frappé, and of course jumping. Go slowly!

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you are absolutely right!

i had not done dance for a while and the teacher insisted on grand plies, frappes and rond de jambe en l'air!!

i will take your advice and go extremely slowly, but it is good news to be able to go back so soon!



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Guest tinydancer

Hi Rubria! (Hi everyone else!!)


I had the same injury you are talking about. I had the surgery almost a year ago (beginning of December). I was back in class about 5 weeks later, we were off for the holidays, so I didn't really miss any class (that's why I scheduled it for then). I took a Friday off work and rested for the weekend, was walking around fine by Sunday (no limping or anything). I also had about 6 weeks of physical therapy afterwards. I've been back in class ever since, with no problems. I was initially very hesitant to have the surgery, but in retrospect it was the right choice. Take care everyone!!


P.S. (I'm 31 now, so I was 30 when I was injured!)

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