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Color predicament

Guest jdavidb

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Guest jdavidb

There are going to be four women on stage. They are in romantic tutus that come to right below the knee. Their colors are tan blended in with blue & green. I'm attempting to include a link to an image of the costume they're ordering. What components and colors would you recommend for the one and only guy to wear?



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Hello, david, and welcome to the Men's Forum here at Ballet Talk for Dancers on Ballet Alert! Online! :)


Now usually, we're not called upon to become costume designers, but I'd go with a russet (dark orange) base in Milliskin tights, then airbrush on dark blue and green fabric dye to echo the look of the tutus, a blue waistcoat and a beige shirt, and you might just be set.

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Guest jdavidb

I'm not a wardrobe person either, so thanks for the input :)


That's interesting that you'd mention airbrushing because I sure do have the equipment for that. I've only used acrylic, enamel and lacquer with it so far. I imagine I could do ok with fabric colors.


When you say waistcoat, do you mean somethng like a vest or sleeveless tunic that would expose the sleeves of a beige shirt or only expose a beige shirt down the center front where the coat would be open?

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A couple of questions you might want to ask:


How will the stage be set? What will the lighting scheme be like?


What style are you looking for? Romantic modern Etc.


Will you be dancing solos or partnering only? Are you the only guy?


What is your skin type, will you disappear in these colors?


Does the costume provider offer a male version of the costume, are they willing to use the same dyes/fabrics to make you something. If you take a few extra pictures for their catalog, they might give you a discount.


My thoughts:


A man need not be perfectly color coordinated with his partners, unless there it is a dance peice where you truly dance as a group.


The tutu I saw has a lot of colors to it. Men cannot get the same colors by layering, you have to go with a single color, I would choose the base color in the bodice, not the tutu.





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Yes, a waistcoat is what US people usually call a "vest". There's a lot of latitude in designing, so pick something that flatters you.

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Guest jdavidb

Hello Mike MJ. Thanks for the reply.


I don't know anything about the stage or lighting. I'm sure it will be plain & simple.


It's Romantic with a little lyrical part in it. I'm hoping there will be partnering, but that has not become part of what we're doing yet. I don't think any of the five of us will be doing solos. I am the only guy. It is supposed to be a corps thing blended in with each other as much as possible.


I don't know about disappearing in colors. I am light caucasian, 6 ft tall and 170 lbs.


I did ask if they can make a men's vest out of those colors. They said this isn't the time of year they can do custom orders. They don't have that material without the glitter. I don't want the glitter, so it won't do me any good to see if they'll send me a big, flat piece to make something out of.


I agree that perfect color coordination isn't necessary. I have done color editing in Photoshop where it shows that it looks good with different blues and tans on the guy without trying to match the girls' costume. I like Mel's solid blue & solid beige idea as an example of that.

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