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Just wondering

Guest newdancer

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Guest newdancer

Hi Everyone,


I guess I just want to know if I am the only one

who is finding learning new combinantions, my arms from my feet, warm up's at the barre, and basic turns, difficult. I have only been in ballet for about a month. Once a week. Now starting to go twice a week though. I am 28 and just a begginer. Am I being to hard on myself? Or is something wrong with me. I look forward to every ballet class, and there is no way it should be easy or that I think it should be easy. I practice when I'm not class at my health club,in a studio. But I sometimes forget what I am supposed to do at the barre, in order I mean. And when I practice doing my turns, sorry for the non technical term, I find my self wobbely. And when my teacher teaches me combos, she is wonderful, but I feel like at times that I am tripping over my own feet. Now there I times when I feel good about some of my progress. I am just feeling kind of down right now.


I guess I want to know if it was difficult for any of you in the beggining. For example, something so basic as remembering to pull in your stomach and push in your tush when learning everything else.


Comments, advice, your own expierences are greatly appreciated .


Thanks all !! biggrin.gif

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Guest Colleen

Not at all!! The things you describe (full body coordination, supreme control of your muscles etc)are difficult concepts to master, and after a month just being aware of what you're NOT doing is impressive. That might sound strange, but it's a mark of body awareness if you can say,"I know that I was not pulling up my stomach on that exercise". Because if you're aware in your mind that's the first step to correcting it in your body.

And since I started teaching I realized how many things the body does simultaneously to simply tendu the foot devant. The shift of your weight from two feet to one, holding your rotation as point the foot forward, pulling up, holding the hip down, relaxing your neck, holding your arms properly, and I'm sure there are other things that I do and don't even realize. But as difficult as all of those things are individually, bringing them all together is a real tour de force and requires a great deal of careful training. So I wouldn't worry about it smile.gif

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