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Guest Aleksander

I have noticed that a lot of people taking ballet class have too small shoes.


Actually it is my impression that many shops are very bad to help costumers to choose the right size. It seems that they suggest shoes which are as small as posssible and as narrow as possible.


I agree that shoes supposed to be tight, but they have to make it possible to keep toes flat. :ermm::huh:


Standing in releve the shoes should be width enough that the toes have properly contact with the floor. Otherwise is it impossible to have a good balance. :lol:

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I quite agree with you, Aleksander. I've seen far too many students put themselves through needless pain and difficulty by wearing shoes that are too short, and particularly too narrow. Especially the width can give one awful muscle cramps in the foot, if it's not wide ENOUGH. Depending on maker, I never got a decent fit in a ballet slipper until I discovered that they made them in E or EE widths. I kept "blowing out" the things right at the metatarsal joint.

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