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I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the Alexander Technique. I had seen on a website that it was supposed to be beneficial to dancers and models and is similar to pilates. I did a search but couldn't find and info on it. Does anyone have any personal experience with this technique? Thanks in advance! :)

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Alexander Technique is a breathing and posture system that was originated for actors and singers. A branch has developed which is dedicated to dancers. I can tell you from experience that the acting version of it doesn't work at all well for dancing, but it's certainly useful if you have to speak or sing for extended periods. Make sure the practitioner you use is conversant with the dancers' version of the technique.

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I've done a bit of alexander technique for relaxation. Did it in a pilates class!

One of the things we did was lying on the floor, with bent knees, the feet a bit apart and the knees knocked into each other. And then we wrapped our arms around our chest. (both elbows bent towards the ceiling, and hands on the floor.)

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