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advanced dancer?


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How do you know if your an "advanced dancer"? Is it because your in the advanced level classes wherever? Is it because you can do 5 pirouettes on pointe or 40 fouettes on pointe? Is it because you can releve on one foot in the center? Because you can go up on pointe correctly? because you can get your arabesque over 90 and your penchee to 180? You don't have to answer these questions...I was just wanting somebodys explanation.

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That is a good question, Balletpointe, but not that easy to answer! :( I'll try!


One can be "advanced" at their studio, but that does not necessarily mean they would be considered "advanced" at another studio. In other words, there are quite a few different "levels" of advanced, depending on the program and the school. It the school has a level of dancers who are approximately 16-18, and almost ready to audition for a professional company, that would definitely be advanced. Some schools might also consider a level below that as advanced, although I would think of them as Upper Intermediate.


It's not a matter of "what" you can do, but how well you do it. There is a lot more to ballet than a six o'clock penché and 32 fouettés, or any of the other individual elements. There is a matter of alignment, line, articulation of legs and feet, épaulement, flow of movement and clean transitional movements, musicality, and of course expression, or artistry. It's all to do with facility, training, and talent! But the training part of it cannot be neglected, no matter how much physical facility or even talent one has. So, WHERE you study will make a huge difference.


Many dancers who are considered advanced in their studio will be placed somewhere below the top level in major SI programs, for instance. This does not mean that they don't have potential, or even talent and facility. It can mean that they simply do not have enough training, or the quality of training that would place them in the top level.


So, one way to know is to see where you place in SI programs. However, this question probably came from something I said on another topic about there are no advanced dancers in a 3x a week program. They might be that school's advanced level, but that does not necessarily make them advanced in the professional school, where they are up against students who have 5 or 6 ballet technique and 3 to 5 pointe classes a week.

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Along these same lines (and I apologize if I'm belaboring the point) what about an intermediate dancer? DD will be 13 by the summer and some intensives say they want intermediate and advanced dancers. That has me questioning her level. She dances about 9 hours a week plus any rehearsals. Are there any particular qualifications?


Thanks in advance.


Oops! I realized I shouldn't have posted on this forum. Please remove as necessary.

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