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Jaana Heino

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I just received a note from my school that due to lack of attendance on my Sunday (Beginner I) class it is going to be merged with the teacher's previous class (Beginner II). I understand quite well that the school needs to do this - there have been only about 5 students on each of the two old classes, and the solution is better than cancelling the classes. And the new time suits me more than wonderfully.


Yet... I have been watching the BeginnerIIs before my own class starts and hello! They are doing stuff I cannot imagine doing. I am certain either they will be bored or we will be frustrated to death.


In a way, I look forward to the challenge. wink.gif But in some other ways I am certain I will be writing a very frustrated post on Sunday... smile.gif


How are you other newbies doing? Maybe we could start reporting about our classes and progress and what things have we learned and what has been difficult, say, like once a month? Some kind of a "support group"? smile.gif (Not-so-newbies welcome also, too, of course.)

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Guest djinrain

Jaana, I'd love to start a newbie support group! My classes have been going through changes lately as well, my instructor left for a pilates conference and we switched to a young lady who is very very good, sweet, and funny, but teaches slightly differently. Everyone got intimidated and only three out of our 12 students even showed up for our last class!


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I think a Newbie support group is a great idea -- it doesn't need a new forum, but, if I could suggest, you could have a special Newbies thread. Maybe start a new one each week, or each month, depending on the volume of posts. smile.gif


Have fun!

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Yes, I too think a thread on this forum would be the best place for the "support group". I think at first maybe start one once a month - I can volunteer to do that about in the each turn of month, for instance.


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First of all I have to say I've enjoyed your posts. Please do keep them coming.


As for your new class, remember, if five people are transfering into the beginner II class, the teacher will have to bring the level of the class down more to a level I for a few weeks to get them all up to speed. I doubt they would put that many people in a more advanced class without making accomodations or tailoring it to their needs. I have one teacher who had an influx of new people, absolute beginners, in her adult level II class. So she changed the class to fit their level for a few weeks. Yes, I was a bit frustrated at first, but it never hurts to go back over basics again so it was, in a manner, a good thing for all. The beginners got basic lessons and the more advanced people got to go over things they may normally miss out on. Every now and then it's good to break down a jette or a glissade and make sure you're really doing it as well as you can.


I've also found more advanced classes helpful in many ways. There are more people you can watch and learn from and, usually, they are very helpful and willing to give advice.

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Okay, a follow-up:


As you predicted, it was not that bad. It turned out that most of the people in the BegII class had only been on that level for a very short time, and didn't mind that one class getting a bit easier.

They said that what we did was not very much different from what they have been doing - the barre combinations were a bit simple, but that was the main difference.


My level also was okay with it. Only the center required balance that we did not yet have, but there too was an easier version of the combinations that we could do when we did not manage the whole.


I think I am pretty happy about the change after all. As 2 left feed said, it is a good opportunity to watch the more advanced students and to learn from them.

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