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Cornish Prep program?

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101

Hey all!

I haven't posted in SOOO long! :( . I've been super busy with my new company that I'm in - Intuition Dance - and haven't had much time to post!

I've had to take some time off of classical ballet because of business and injuries, but I want to get back into it really badly.... Problem is, the training in my town isn't sufficient or challenging anymore :) . I'm looking into Cornish College of the Arts Prep Dance program for the spring semester. Has anyone heard good or bad things about this program? I would really appreciate feedback. Thanks!

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Welcome back, devion! :(


I don't know anything about this program. Where is it? Is there something we can look at, like a website?

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One of the girls that works at Petti Coat Junction goes there! Everytime I go to that store the ladies tell me about her! I've heard them mention that program, I think she's in it. It's suposed to be really good though, sorry I can't help much. But atleast you know that there's people in it! :)

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All of the Kaiser boys, Roy (Artisitic Director of Pa. Ballet), Kevin (former dancer with Pa. Ballet and PNB, who I believe has his own school in NJ currently), and Russell, (Ballet Master NYCB), all attended this preparatory program before studying at the School of the Pennsylvanis Ballet (now the Rock) or SAB, depended upon which brother one is discussing. That was at least 25 years ago though. :) Whew, that is hard to believe. Where did the time go?

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Guest devion101

Thanks for all the fast replies guys! Excellent! hahaha.

Yeah, I think Cornish looks pretty good, I'm going to go watch an advanced class in January and hopefully sign up for classes for the spring semester, if rehearsals for my company don't get in the way...... Ugh..... So many reherasals, so little time for class. :(

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