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My bionic thumb!


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I've been attending my classes as normal during my time with various immobilization apparatus (apparatti?). In one respect since I can't grab the barre with my right hand I've been working on some stabilization, atleast on that side ;) But boy are pirouettes difficult with a big fiberglass arm slowing me down! My instructor keeps yelling, "bring that cast with you!" The good news is I haven't smacked anyone with it.


Since the fractured bone is rotated 90 degrees from how it should be we decided to go with the bionic thumb implant which will take place tomorrow. (ok really they are just going to put a surgical pin in there after turning the bone back where it should be facing). If I am not mistaken after this surgery I will only wear a removable brace (knock on wood). I am so looking forward to how good it's going to feel to dance with two arms instead of an arm and a 2x4!

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Relax. The plural of apparatus is...apparatus! I recall one girl I worked with one time rehearsing "Les Sylphides" with a walking cast. Boy, could she ever developpé after it was removed!

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Holy cow, I had planned on heading back to class today since my surgery yesterday. Who'd have thought such a small appendage and a tiny screw would cause so much pain? So much for that theory that ballet dancers have a higher tolerance for pain! I want my axillary block back.

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