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non-flexible back

Guest Soccerbeamgurl

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Guest Soccerbeamgurl

My mom has a absolutly no flexiblity in her back and unfortunatly I got some of here genes. My back isn't as unflexible as hers but still it is pretty bad. My teacher always tells me I need to loosen up my back but I have no idea how to? help!

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Much here will depend entirely on what sort of inflexibility we're talking about. If it's traceable to hereditary fused or nearly-fused vertebrae, this is very difficult to overcome. But, the good news is that mostly back tightness is caused by soft tissue, like muscles, tendons and ligaments. Simply using your arms correctly will be the start of a new adventure in flexibility. Remember, your arms are supported by muscles that extend all the way to your spine, so supporting the arms properly will help. Of course, there are the various cambrés, front, side and back, but they all start with having the arms under good control. Try to think of a pool of energy sitting right in the exact center of your body, and the drive to move things extending out from it. It will help not only to improve your arms and back, but also your hips, legs and feet! :grinning:

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Guest Soccerbeamgurl

Thank you very much Mr. Johnson. I guess it makes more sense now because I drop my elbows when my arms are in second, nothing like chicken wings but just slightly. When I lift my elbows it engages my back just like you said. (I just tried it in my chair)

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