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Guest ballet4life

I have been taking ballet since I was six, and have been on pointe for over four years. I am now in the advanced class at my studio and taking nine classes a week. This last summer many of my friends went away to summer intensives, loved them, and are planning on going back again next summer. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go last summer, and my parents didn't want me to, but now I feel that I am ready and really want to go. My parents still say no, but don't give me many reasons why. I don't think that money is the issue, more that they just don't want me gone for that long.


Any suggestions on ways to convince them to let me go? Or would there be an alturnative of maybe a shorter program? :)

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ballet4life, my suggestion would be to run a search on BalletTalk for the information about length of programs or on the web, by going to individual websites. Perhaps your teacher could suggest some also. SIs run anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks. A few that give fewer weeks alternatives are CPYB and Ballet Intensive from Moscow (BIM).


If your family will not alllow you to go, perhaps your teacher could talk with them to explain the importance. If there is an alternative at your school, maybe your family will allow you to study in your school's SI?

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ballet4life, vrsfanatic's given you good advice - look for alternatives! And here is a great place to start: SI: Frequently Asked Questions within this section of the SI forums, you'll find topics such as "August Start Dates" (shorter programs) "Early Start Dates", "Late..." and other helpful threads. If you find one and have questions, please, by all means, post on one of those threads.


Perhaps after you've gathered some information, organize it on paper and then sit down with your parents - you might find their so impressed with your initiative that they'll talk with you about it all with more open minds.


Sometimes we parents react rather than reflect when we're asked for something. :bouncing::jawdrop: Fortunately, most of us are open to reason and do only want the best for our kids, so give it a shot. :)

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