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My teacher told me that I have to make my développé higher at the back and I'm not sure how. Does anyone have any excercises that I can do to improve it?I already have my développé at about 90°. Thanks!


:innocent: *Lisa* :blushing:

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My suggestion is to ask your teacher since your teacher is the one who knows how your body works. Assuming you have upper back flexibility, I suggest that you examine the relationship of your supporting side to your working leg. You must arc your upper back. There is a flexible resistance to the natural desire to take your body toward. Do not fall forward with your shoulders, instead take to flight! Head up, shoulders arcing, supporting leg pulled up. Imagine the arc of a waterfall over a very steep mountain! :blushing:

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Off topic: How did you get the little slash on your 'E' in developpe? I can't figure it out and I've always wondered.

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If I développé a la seconde, if I get much higher than about 115-120 degrees, I start to feel like my hips are pushing towards the working leg, and I know that that's not right. I've been doing an exercise to strengthen my inner thigh muscles; I should just keep doing that and stretching my quadriceps and hamstrings, and the displacement will go away as I get stronger, right? I'm pretty sure that I'm getting odd placement because I'm not strong enough to control a very high développé yet.


EDIT: I can't look at the mirror correctly! It's more like 115-120.

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Yes, that declining toward the working leg is often found when you're trying to max out a développé. It's like sitting into the supporting hip, but a little different. You have to make sure that your torso maintains proper vertical alignment, and then you will be building strength to support better extension. :)

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