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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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Hello everyone, just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


I have not been online for a while now, things have been very busy with panto, ballet exam and work ooh not forgetting buying my first property. Its now boxing day and i have two minutes to myself to say hello. I should be at work flying back from Milan but i have got the flu and have spent the last few days tucked up in bed. Still had a good crimbo though with my family around me - should get like this every crimbo it gets you out of washing all the dishes :)


Well I hope you all enjoy the festive season and you all get completely oiled, have one for me. Hope Santa looked after you and you got everything you wished for. Heres to 2005 :D


Skippy :D

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Hi Skippy


A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too, and to all on the board!


I got only moderately oiled yesterday and will be passing over the lubricants today as I have to drive back to Manchester this evening. And as I am working right through from the 28th Dec. to the 7th Jan., complete oilings will have to wait until January 8th when I am off to Austria for a week's snowboarding (yay!). But I will certainly have one for you then!


Anyway, best wishes to all - may 2005 bring you all you wish for!



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HAPPY HOGMANAY, Y'ALL! (From the south of Scotland, Dumfries, doubtless, but then what do I know, my ancestors came from Perthshire!)

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a little belated happy christmas to everyone ;), I hope everyone had a great time!!


Best wishes for all of you for the new year!!



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Happy Holidays everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the Crimbo and got well oiled. :) I plan on enjoying some good Craic myself tonight as we welcome the new year.

I may even get sauced tonight.

I weighed myself, I'm heavier than i've been in a while. back to black coffee and celery, with half an apple if I'm especially naughty. :D



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