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Guest dancingostrich

I'm in 11th grade this year, and its getting about time to figure out what im going to do with mny life. I was thinking of going to a SI that is connected to a nice college. However, since i live in Utah, I am probably 90% sure i will be going to the U of U. Ballet West is somewhat connected. I have attended there for the last 2 summers. i have talked to 2 of my dance teachers and they dont recomend going there. Last summer I cam back with some slightly larger quads, which i had been trying to slim down all of last year, so i know i wont be going there this summer. I was thinking about going somewhere else, out of state, but my mom thinks i can get better training here at my home studio. Raymond Van Mason (i dont know if you know him, but he is really big in the dance world here in Utah) started a jr. company last year and had a mini summer intensive last year. He was more focused on getting the company started last year than the summer program. It was 4 hours with a 2 hour tech class and an 1.5 hour class after of modern or choreography. This year he says he its going to be bigger and he is hoping in getting some guest teachers and what not. So my mom is pretty set on me staying home this summer and just do that. I guess maybe what i am trying to get at is would it be bad for my future to stay here and get good training but posibly not a whole bunch this summer or to try to see if I can go somewhere for the summer elsewere. And would it be good to audition for some, even if i know i am staying here? Thanks!

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If you can get really good training locally, then stay for it. But it's good to see what and who is out there. Going elsewhere can be a good networking experience besides just being in a different place over the summer.


University of Utah, though, is quite good, and has an admirable placement record.

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The problem with staying home would be the length of the program. You need at least 5 weeks in the summer, and more would be even better. You don't know right now where you will end up, and getting all of the training that you can is important. I suggest that you audition for as many places as possible and work on your mom. Have her read the article in The Studio section of Ballet Alert Online about the value of Summer Intensives. :)

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