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Pointe Training - How to Improve?


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Here's the story: My teacher/studio director gave the girls in the company contracts to join in a major ballet performance she'll be putting on next year, and invited me to join as well (yay! :wink: ) but along w/the contracts gave us "observations" written in them and mine said I had to "improve my pointe work", which I agree with, totally, cause I, after 1,5 years (ok so its not much) feel like an utter beginner in pointes, and not really confident. The thing is, she really doesnt give me many pointers in class or tell me what im doing wrong, just tells me that I need to use the strengh from ALL the muscules (sp?) -butt, inner thighs, :grinning: etc-. Appart from that, I dont know what alse. Also, if practicinf home isn't a good idea, what could I do, apart from class to "improve my pointe work"?


(if any other info about me would help make suggestions... by all means ask!)

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One improves anything by more work on it. That would include pointe work. After class every day go to the barre and do more relevés for strength. Do as many one foot relevés as you can do well, and then do the other foot, and then repeat each leg a few times. There is absolutely nothing better than relevés for improving strength on pointe, and when your strength improves so does everything else! :wink:

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