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tour en lair

Guest frilly_tutugal

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Guest frilly_tutugal

I can do a double tour en lair, but can never stick the landing. I always seem to fall backwards. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stick landings? Thank you,

frilly_tutugal :yucky:

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A tour en l'air is a changement en tournant, therefore you must land on two feet, just like in a changement. :D The tendency is to land in the back leg, so, obviously you will fall backwards. Keep your body centered and land equally on two feet.

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However, being a girl, you don't have to worry about double tours en l'air unless you land the leading woman's part in Jerome Robbins "The Age of Anxiety" which has probably been totally forgotten, or the Polka girl in Sir Frederick Ashton's "Façade", which hasn't.

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