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Guest dance is love <3

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Guest dance is love <3

After reading the "Facts of Life About Pointe Work", I realized that my dance school isn't as sufficient as I thought it was. I am currently taking ballet twice a week for 2 hours, with about an hour total of pointe work in a week. While this probably doesn't seem like a lot, I do have a great teacher, who is very professional. While I do have the option of taking extra classes with her privately, I would rather switch dance schools. There is no option of taking anything besides ballet multiple times a week, and I would really like that.


So! If anyone knows of a good dance school with ballet, jazz, and tap several times a week in southern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, please let me know!



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Hello dance is love <3, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)


Are you close enough to get to Providence? Festival Ballet has a good reputation there. I don't know anything in MA south of Boston, except Walnut Hill, which is pretty close to Boston and more west than south, I think.

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And a little closer than that is Brae Crest School of Ballet on Sherman Ave. in Lincoln, RI. No tap, but maybe jazz, if I recall, but not sure. One thing IS for sure, it's a really good ballet school!

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Boston Ballet has a studio in Norwell and Jose Mateo/Ballet Theatre has studios in Duxbury/Hingham/Falmouth (and Cambridge) --both really ballet only though.


Sorry didn't realize this was Young Dancers board--please delete if inappropriate.

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