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I have a question. I have been taking ballet for 2 years and I'm very dedicated. I'm 13 years old. I would like to know when is the soonest time that I would be able to go on pointe. I would really like to and I'm about at the same level as my friend who's on pointe. :)

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Hello luv2dance515, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers. :thumbsup:


First, 2 years of training is not very much. How many classes a week are taking and how long are the classes? Being ready for pointe involves a whole lot of things, including your training, physical facility for ballet, strength, knowledge, placement, control of rotation, etc., etc. Please read the Sticky entitled Facts of Life About Pointe Work, found on the top section of this forum.


Secondly, no one can tell you how long it will take to be pointe ready except your teacher. We cannot see you, and we don't know your training and your ability. Level is not what it is about, nor is comparison to anyone else in terms of level. Too many other factors involved.


Mollie, please hold off on advice until a Moderator has responded!

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I take 2 classes per week, 1 hour long. My teacher is really good. I know it says on the pointe sticky that this is bad, but this is the most at my level at my school.

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Guest pasdechat13

hi luv2dance, I have been studying ballet for 3 years this September and I'm 13 years old too. I take 1 1/2 hour technique class 5 times a week and 1 hour pointe class three times a week. I just started pointe this past September because the school I go to makes us wait until we are 13, and even though I've been 13 for over 6 months now, since I started sort of late, I wasn't able to start pointe until this year. If you only dance twice a week and its for 1 hour long then I suggest that you start taking more classes for longer amounts of time before you start dancing on pointe. I know how you feel, I've wanted to dance on pointe since I started taking lessons but I had to work hard and study several times a week before I was ready. Keep working on it and you'll get there soon. :thumbsup:

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luv2dance, 2 hours a week for 2 years is just not enough training to be ready for pointe work. You need to get to a level that has more classes, and the classes really need to be hour and a half in length to accomplish all that needs to be done at a decent intermediate level, which is where you must be for pointe work.

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