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I have a pair of Bloch ballet slippers, but I will need some new ones soon. My problem is that I need a pair that fits correctly. My current pair bunch up under my feet when I go on releve and when I'm standing flat, they are too big around my toes. I heard that the new Leo's Airabesque shoes are supposed to fit well, but I don't know. Has anyone tried these shoes? Also, does anyone know of any other shoes that would fit well?

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Guest pasdechat13

Hey, I tried those, but I didn't really like them. I felt that the mesh section bunched up under my arch and didn't create a real attractive line. Maybe you'd like the Bloch Pumps, which claim to hug your arch and the material doesn't bunch up. I haven't tried them though, I use the Sansha Pros which are nice. Hope I helped a little!

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Soft shoes are mostly just soft shoes, but sometimes when changing brands, it's best to be right there in the shop to try them on to make sure that they're everything you are looking for. That's what makes mail-order or online shopping sort of hazardous.

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I tried the Airabesque's that pasdechat13 mentioned and they do bunch up a lot (which sucks becuase the mesh sounded like a great idea) so I have the Bloch Pumps and they are FANTASTIC!! :D

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I have a pair of Blochs and I like them just fine, but then, they're on MY feet and not HERS.

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Guest GetThePointe32

I used to have Blochs and I didn't like them either, they didn't really fit to my arch. Right now I have Grishkos and I like them. Some of my friends have Sanshas too though and they say they like them a lot.

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I have Capezio Daisy's. They are pretty good, extremely comfortable, but they bunch at my arches. I have low arches, and I was wondering if my problem might have to do with that or not. Also, what shoes might be better?

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It probably does-are those leather shoes? If they are, then I suggest trying canvas. They usually look better on everyone's feet, whether you have high or low arches. You might want to try Bloch Pumps(mentioned above) or the new Capezio canvas shoes-I'm not sure what they're called. Maybe someone knows?

Anyway, they have a really nice looking arch.

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Guest dancer522

I wear Bloch Prolite II Streamline Canvas (long name!), and I really like them. You should definately try canvas shoes, if you don't already, because they are reeeally comfy and look alot better on most people's feet. Good luck!

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