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Guest Mollieochie

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Guest Mollieochie

My ballet training currently is perfect. I am 13, and this is my second year of pointe. I take ballet six days per week, plus rehearsals. My schedule goes like this:


Monday- 1.5 hr. ballet technique, 1 hr. pointe

Tuesday- 1.75 hr. ballet technique, 45 min. pilates

Wednesday- 1.5 hr. ballet technique, 1 hr. pointe

Thursday- 1.5 hr. ballet technique, 1 hr. pointe

Friday- 1.5 hr. ballet technique, 1.5 hr. jazz

Saturday- 1 hr. ballet technique, 1.5 hr. modern


I love my six teachers, my friends, and the atmosphere of my studio. I feel that I improve a lot because I recieve a lot of individual attention, my studio is very small. There are only about 10 people in my level. I am in pre-release, the second highest level (next up is release time) and the ages in my level range from 12-14. However, the training I get now is what I'll get when I'm older. Release Time takes the same classes, and the same amount of classes that pre-release does, except they take class in another class room with a different teacher. So, this is the max amount of training I'll get, unless the director changes up class times and levels. I don't know if I should switch schools. I think it is good to settle schools at an early age. Please help.




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Mollie, it's a very good schedule, and if you are happy with the school and the training there, I see no reason to think of changing. In a couple more years, if you don't feel it is enough, then perhaps think about it, but right now it sounds just fine, and it's not at all a bad schedule for the top level either, especially if there is a lot of pointe work in rehearsals. Our students had that schedule for many years, and it is only recently that we have added a bit more pointe to the Release Time levels.

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