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Audition season through our eyes


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Guest cozette

I just had to add one more oh my, that was so beautiful and eloquently stated dancemaven! You did sum up exactly how so many of us feel. I think I will copy and save your post in my "I want to remember this file"!

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DD was thrilled today to come home and find that she got on to the wait list for Boston's Dance Lab. For some kids this may have been disappointing news, but we were thrilled. I don't think she really believed that she would get anything but rejections. This was her first SI auditions season and she only did three, Boston, SAB and Interlochen with the hope that she would get into Interlochen.


So whether or not she gets called for DL we have learned a lot from this experience and it has brought on a new level of inerest in dance and renewed commitment.


Thanks for all the help at this end.

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Congratulations to your DD. She has a good chance of being accepted from the wait list. I'll keep my fingers crossed for her. :)

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Well, we've all lived through it! Most auditions are over, only a few may be left. And we survived! The kids survived! The car tires survived! The bank account....well, it's starting to empty, no survival there! What now?


What decisions have you made? What did you learn? What will you do differently? What was the biggest lesson your DD/DS learned? Did they get the SI that was tops on the list?


The parent's eye view isn't over, it just is beginning to focus in a new direction!!!



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I've learned I needed this site and all your wonderful knowledge and wisdom 3 years ago :blush: Big question is can "WE" play catch up now??? :D

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What decisions have you made? What did you learn? What will you do differently? What was the biggest lesson your DD/DS learned? Did they get the SI that was tops on the list?


Let's see....Decisions have been made. DD has decided to stay home this year and work with her teachers on her technique. She has passed up opportunities to some top tier programs. I am still a bit shocked by her decision. I have learned that my dd is more interested in becoming a professional dancer than I thought. :blush: She has shown a maturity beyond her 13 years in her decision making. DD has learned that sometimes you have to look at the whole picture instead of the moment and make some hard choices. Did she get into the SI on the top of her list? DD had a very successful audition season. She was accepted into every program she auditioned for so far...with one to hear from. :D DD was even more resolved to stay home after receiving her acceptances.

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Guest balletandsynchro

Since DD is at residency school, it has been a different kind of audition season for us at home. DD didn't do very many auditions (2 so far) due to illness and snow. She has one more this weekend, then she's finished. Her decision is to work on artistry and technique this year for SI, and to enjoy the month of August AT HOME with us! YAY!! :D (no, not take the whole month off - from all the comments on another thread :thumbsup: ) I'm proud of DD - she's looking to programs that will maximize training and artistry - to help her be the best she can be! :blush:

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Let's see, we have learned that it is difficult to gauge how any audition day will go, even if you have done your homework. With that in mind, the audition that we both dreaded left us, at the end of the day, very happy, and with our mind-set a little bit more open. (This is a good thing, especially for my very opinionated daughter). :D


On the other hand, another program that we had heard lots about and went into with very open minds, left us both feeling a little puzzled about why so many people think it's a great program. The audition was about 1 hour long, and far too non-competitive in feel (according to my daughter), that no matter how the results end up, she will probably not ever pursue this particular company again. :yes:


The audition that felt the worst (again, according to the dancer), ended up with a scholarship offer that she really didn't expect, and she ended up declining. :)


The one "dream SI" of the year would have been sufficient to pursue, because it was successful -- just think, that if I had told my daughter to just "follow your dreams," instead of "let's just make sure you see what's really out there this year," she would have been finished with auditions after the first one. :o


But of course, if she hadn't done all the auditions on her list this year (5), we would not be nearly so open minded. So all in all, we have learned lots, she is going to attend her "dream" SI, my checkbook is having a panic attack, :shrug: and we have great hope for the future. :D

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What decisions have you made? What did you learn? What will you do differently? What was the biggest lesson your DD/DS learned? Did they get the SI that was tops on the list?


I think we'll need to answer this again after DD returns. As of today...


Decisions made... to leave home for the first time. To miss her once-a-year week with her favorite cousin. To spend the big bucks.


What we'll do differently... We'll try to schedule around the week with the favorite cousin next year.


What have we learned... That ballet is a fickle world. While DD got into everywhere she audition this year, it was painful to watch a very close friend, who is exceptionally talented, not get accepted into her top choice because of body type. Another older, much admired classmate, who was told in a SI conference two years ago that she is not likely to make it, was offered many scholarships this year.


And yes, she got into her first choice! :D

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Guest cozette

DD was accepted to the program of her choice. She wanted us to send the money in and secure her spot while still waiting for 2 results to come in. It has been a wonderful audition season for her. Accepted to four, waitlisted for one, and rejected by one. This has been a somewhat reflective audition season for me. While it has been so much fun to watch her plan her audition schedule, talk about how she felt about the auditons on the ride home, and anxiously await the responses, (and yes I do mailbox stalk!) she will be a senior next year, so I see this part of her life coming to a close. It has always been something that we have enjoyed doing together, and has just been the "traditional thing" to do after Nutcracker. I am so proud of her, and glad that she is confident and determined. I know this is a part of life and growing and there will be new and exciting things to look forward to with her dancing. I just wish she didn't have to grow up so fast! :D

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Hi All,

DD got into one of her top picks, having said that I'm not so sure it was my top pick for her. We do not do auditions unless we intend on sending her there. So I have to respect her decision on that level.

She got into all except 1 and it is really hard to get into. I would really like to cross it off the list, but she sets her goals very high. Frankly, I am kind of panicky about next year(she will be a senior in high school).

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This is the first year we did some out of town SI auditions. I do not know how you guys do this year after year. We are not close enough to any of them that we do not have to fly and or drive and spend at least one night. Not to mention time off from work.


Considering my daughter is really a long shot at this with her height and feet I do not know what we will do next year. I am sure she will have a great experience in Boston this year and the only other two that seem to have any interest in her do not house the students and I don’t see how parents handle that.


Knowing what she knows from this, year she only has one shot next year and that is a lot of pressure.

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Do SI programs really look at videos? How much can they tell about a dancer in ten minutes? Like everyone says, it is hard enough to judge in one hour-and-half audition.


I have tried to put together a video in the past but the quality of the tape was awful. I would have to hire someone with the correct equipment. They would also have to know how to film at the correct angle for a dancer. Others in this area have tried with no success.

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