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Audition season through our eyes


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We look at tapes. We don't care about the production quality as long as the student is clear.


What can you tell from a tape in ten minutes?


-proportions, feet

-arm carriage

-clarity of technique

-turning ability

-strength of jumps

-strength of pointe work


What you can't tell:


-work ethic

-command of the English language

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I will definitely keep that in mind for next year. If you really do not care about the quality.


Would you mind telling me what school you are affiliated with?

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Hi albq,

I had a big chat with dd main ballet mistress, and she reassured me that the quality of video tapes is not a factor. We had a school out west that was really interested in my girl. They echoed the same feelings that dd teacher did about the actual quality of the videotapes. Both said that most are really bad. Not the dancers!

Yes, they are able to tell a lot from the tapes, especially about where they are in their training(the pointe work is real important) and their facility. I say follow your dk's instincts on whether or not she wants to stay in this crazy game. You never know, what will happen after her next summer intensive. Merde! my dd is going to Boston this summer too.


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Last two posts: albq's and byrd's have been moved to Boston's SDP thread. byrd, no need to respond here, but you might want to edit your post over there (the one I moved) since I've now deleted your double posting. :blink:

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