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Audition season through our eyes


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I just counted up and I'm shocked that this will be the 6th audition season for us! :jawdrop:


With my daughter at a residency program, like Ballet & Synchro, I'm seeing much more independence in the audition arena. For the first time, we took the audition photos without a teacher in attendance. For the first time, my daughter chose the pose, without any assistance from others, She is handling the recommendations and all the other details of the season. :)


Just to feel like I was doing something, I did make a handy Excel spreadsheet showing all the auditions that come to her school and the surrounding areas to check for conflicts. Looks like I'll only have to make a couple of trips for auditions and for the rest she can roll out of bed and walk across campus. :huh:


As others have said, the older they get, the narrower their list becomes and the more specific their reasons for wanting to attend a given SI. It puts a smile on my face to think back over these years and see the learning curve we have both climbed in the audition process. But, each year presents new challenges and there always seems like there is so much left to learn! :unsure:


The letters will still be coming to the house, so I guess I'll still be 'in the game.' Of course, the waiting part is my LEAST favorite aspect of the process!


We're off on Friday for one of the two overnight trips. The thrill of the hunt is upon us! Boy, I love this time of year! :wacko:

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This will be our 2nd full audition year, but the first "real" one with feelings on the line. DD is now 12 and has had an incredible fall of dancing. Last year, we did the auditions to "test the water" and were thrilled with an acceptance and attended. However, this year, she will be auditioning for the "name" programs and the stakes are a little higher. Before, she was the only one in her age group from our studio taking the plunge, this year there are more. Sometimes it's a little easier when you don't know anyone in the room. DD is not cast in any of our RDA Festival pieces, so had no rehersals or classes available over the xmas break. Today was her first day back and of course, she is "terrible and rusty."


Our auditions start this weekend and put us on the road to Dallas every weekend in January. If I'm not exhausted and broke, we'll try the WSB audition in Feb. I am trying to remain very supportive, but not pushing and definately not building her up too much. Learned that lesson the hard way, but that's another story.


Hope to see some of you on the circuit. Loved getting to know mini cooper last year in Austin.

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This will be my daughter's 4th year of auditioning, and while she only auditioned for 2 or 3 programs each of the first three years, this year she wants to expand her horizons a little, so will be auditioning for about six programs. Luckily, most of the auditions will be held at a residential school just a few hours from home and will be held on Sundays which works out well with her rehearsal schedules. I'm letting her pretty much run the show as far as getting ready for them, although I'm also working on an Excel spreadsheet like balletbooster's.


Truthfully, I enjoy this time of the year...except for those mailbox waits. :dry: Good luck to all!

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I should have used one of those Excel spreadsheets myself...I just transferred all the little notes I've written to myself over the past couple of months into my new 2005 datebook and discovered, to my chagrin, that I have agreed to staff visiting schools' SI auditions at PNB EVERY Sunday from January 16 to February 20, plus March 13.


What was I THINKING? :pinch:

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I am very excited to start audition season #4. This season brings quality time with my daughter. We even make some of the trips with dad and little brother. Good luck to all your DKs and may all their dreams come true. :unsure:

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Well...we made if through our first audition weekend. :sweating::thumbsup: I have to admit, it wasn't as stressful as last year. The weather was horrible and SFB must have had the heat completely off in their lobby. The Boston audition was not a bad as I expected. :) It was crowded, but the staff from Boston had it under control. DD had about 60 or so in thier group and they placed them in age from youngest to oldest. Those who could not be considered for SDP were in the front, those who were turing the correct age were in the middle and the older ones (15), we in the back. DD really enjoyed the audition. They do check each dancers 5th position and feet. She said they commented on her "strong" ankles. (not quite sure what that means).

The Rock was today and much more relaxed. The weather cooperated and parking was free!! :thumbsup: DD was used quite a bit as a demonstrater for the other dancers. She was very surprised by this, but happy. She moved up a level from last years acceptance and that was a plus. She wouldn't open her notice until we got outside and away from the other dancers. She said she doesn't feel comfortable opening it in front of other who might not have gotten in.

We are off until the 23rd! Much better schedule than last year.

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DD just finished her first audition this season with PNB. About 60+ showed up ranging in age from 12 - 17 (or 18?). Given the age range and number of students in one studio, I thought it was very well organized. Numbers were given out according to age range with lower numbers going to younger girls, then progressing upward with age. All ages took barre together, then the auditioners had each age group perform the center combinations separately, one after the other. It seemed that this ensured that everyone was given the opportunity to be noticed. I didn't catch the name of the two women that ran the audition, but DD enjoyed the class very much. All were told they would hear from PNB in about a month. :thumbsup::)

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DD just finished the first audition weekend with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Houston. She felt okay about the auditions, wished this had been better or that but overall okay. The site also had Ballet Austin and Atlanta over the same weekend so bunheads were everywhere. Saw several kids we've been places with before and a few local friends and parents. And it was nice to just sit and listen to all the first timers give their versions of what they've heard about this place or that and not to comment.


We have a break this weekend unless she decides to do one just to keep the rhythm but WSB is the 22nd.


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Our first weekend included one more audition than planned. DD was at Saturday class and had not planned on Kaatsbaan (not really knowing much about it) but when she read the materials and saw Martine van Hamel and Kristine Elliott there she instantly wanted to audition. The class was small (only 12 total in a wide range of ages) I'm not sure if they've held auditions at this location before. Then came San Francisco -- far more crowded, but that was to be expected, even with the torrential rains that don't seem to want to stop. I felt truly sorry for those who had to drive long distances to get there! She enjoyed both auditions. Now, the long wait for letters begins! Good luck to everyone this season.

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This is my dd's fourth year auditioning and I must say the most relaxed ever. She had two auditions this weekend (she felt ignored at one and was delighted with the other). She was happy with her performance and decided this year not to sweat it if she doesn't get accepted. Compared to previous years where she was nervous I think it has now become "old hat" as to her expectations of what is to come. I am just happy to see her happy and delighted that she is taking it all in stride. Best of luck to all the DD and DS auditioning out there!

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Well, we sure got a good "dousing" this weekend in Santa Monica! My daughter also attended the Kaatsbaan audition, but we planned in advance to do so. She doesn't know which of the girls your daughter is though.


My daughter chose not to do the San Francisco audition, as we had some other plans for the afternoon. But we were in town for her usual Sunday morning class and while we were on the way home, I had to pull off of the freeway and wait in a fast food parking lot for 1/2 hour before continuing; the rain was coming down so hard that I could barely see the road (or the cars) in front of me and I felt like I was swimming upstream.


I hope next weekend isn't so wet! :P

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This is my daughter's first year auditioning. Last summer, at 13, she attended a lovely, non-audition SI outside of Denver (David Taylor Dance Theatre). Because our family was nearby during the month she attended, we were able to visit or have her visit regularly, and she was housed with a wonderful local family. All in all a very nice introduction to the world of SIs.


But this year, she's fired up to do some auditions. Her list is pretty ambitious, and although she's an independent and confident girl, I worry about the disappointments. Who knows what we're in for!

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I'm a new mom to this website, and I'd love your wisdom and advice.


My daughter is 11 (will be 12 in May), lives for ballet, has been taking ballet for about 7 years, and went to the City Ballet of San Diego intensive last summer for 3 weeks (I stayed with her as the program does not have dorm housing). She went on pointe this past October. She's looking at CPYB, and I like that choice as it appears to be a rigorous and positive program in a safe environment. She is ready for a program away from home and is mature enough for dorm housing and a challenging program.


She's also looking at a group of programs that are great, but given her age and her just going on pointe, might not be the best choice for her this summer in part because is not old enough for dorm housing (this includes Kansas City, maybe PNB depending on whether she is Level III or IV, and the Washington School of Ballet).


She may do a video audition for Chautauqua and the School of North Carolina Dance Theatre.


Given that many of you have been guiding your children on these issues for years, what is your perspective on my daughter's options given her age and experience? Thank you.

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Take a look at the Intermediate program for Burklyn, as it is tailor made for 10-12 year olds, with some wonderful guest teachers and age-appropriate activities and schedule.


Also, give Atlanta Ballet's Milledgeville program a look. It is a 2 week program, like Burklyn and also has a large number of younger dancers (although it is not restricted to this age group).


At age 12, she can also look at UBA, SAB and several others. They accept dancers of this age and their levels will have very limited pointe work.


Use the search function to find an earlier thread on programs for younger dancers. There have been several discussions about this on the board.


Welcome and best of luck in your search for the right SI!

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