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Audition season through our eyes


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This is the first audition season for my 13 year old DD. I want to thank the frequent posters on the board for all the tips. So, armed with an extra set of everything, we set out for Kansas City for the PNB audition there. Since both daughters were off from school, the hockey playing daughter came too. We left early so we could make a day of it, got into town about noon and found the Kansas City Ballet building. A very nice man named Eddie (executive director? he had a big office) gave us a tour of the building. With an afternoon to kill, we went to the plaza, had lunch and bummed around. Came back about an hour before the audition so DD could change and stretch. There were about 50 kids auditioning. One nice thing--there were two other girls and one boy (who had gotten into PNB last year) from DD's school auditioning too. I think that was nice for her--auditioning with the same kids she has class with.


I took the advice of others on the board--after DD got signed in and her number, we left. (Good thing too, seeing all the kids there for the audition was making me nervous.) My youngest and I brought our skates and went over to Crown Center and skated for an hour. Got back just as the audition was getting out. Got a late supper and then the drive home.


DD felt pretty good about how she danced. It seems to me its one thing to dance well and just not get in because others danced better but much worse to not feel like you danced your best. So, I guess we just see what comes in the mail. And get in the car for another long drive and audition in two weeks.




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mcgwillie, sounds like a great "first experience!" :blushing:

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Thank you, Balletmom, we did have a nice adventure. I hope the other audition trips are as smooth. The one to Denver for SFB is a loooooong drive. Although, if we leave early enough we can reach Scottsbluff, NE for lunch at Rosita's. :blushing:


DD gets bonus points for putting up with my square dad peptalk: That we're proud of her for going out and auditioning, that the nobility is in the trying and that as long as she tries her best, the results are pretty secondary to us. And the stuff I have learned on this board--its a class with a different teacher and just concentrate and enjoy the class.


I really am grateful for all the help this Muggle dad gets on this board. Thank you all.



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Guest balletandsynchro

As a long-distance parent, my pre-audition pep talks have been over the phone! Basically to have fun, and enjoy the class, and that I know she'll do her best! I think that some of our dancers get so intense on the "I gotta get in" attitude that they can forget ballet is there for their enjoyment and pleasure. I also remind my DD that auditioning is a two-way street: not only is the auditioner looking at the dancer as a potential student for the intensive, but the dancer is also considering whether in light of the class, this is a program he or she is the type of program to attend. :shrug:

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Having my DD at a residency program, I am also a long distance parent experiencing the audition pep talks over the phone. My DD is fortunate to have many auditions come to her school; so no travel stories yet. She has expressed that she misses my support. ( Especially the hugs and the critiques on what leotard looks good, etc.) I think she is having fun and feels a lot less stress this year than in the past. Training in a healthy environment and having friends that are supportive is such a plus when I can't be there to give her a squeeze. :)

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Also consider ABT Alabama, although only 3 weeks, it is very intensive and focuses more on the younger age group.

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Since my dh is only 11, my original intent was to start researching now for auditions next year - it may take me that long to sort out all the options. 


My dd is 10 and I am taking this year and next to research as well. Thankfully most of our older girls at our studio go to SI's and so there is a lot of experience there to draw on. I am going along for the ride with my friends whose daughters are auditioning for ABT's SI. I am thankful that my dd dances regularly with these girls who have been there and done that. All the girls from our studio auditioned for Joffrey last weekend. It's amazing to me how these 13-16 year old girls are so calm.

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I am a newbie too here. My dd is 9 and will be 10 in June. It's amazing how valuable this site is. I was pretty much in the dark with all of this until now. It's kind of scary seeing just how busy our lives will be in the future years. My dd isn't auditioning for any SI's this year. However, she is going to try the 2 week program at CPYB and just do the one week this year. Maybe next year she will be syked to do both weeks. And then, on from there the following summer. Wow. You really do need a text book to educate you when your children start in the world of ballet! Good luck to all of you dancers and parents! Maybe I'll eventually meet some of you in the future! :wink:

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Reflections on the process...


Although the front end selecting programs for which to audition, and the middle portion showing up for auditions are much easier for this, our third year in this process, the back end, waiting, does not get any easier. YIKES! My heart rate goes up dramatically each time I round the corner and approcach the mail box.


My dd's attitude has been great. She leaves each audition feeling neither over-confident, nor bad about where she thought she fit into the class. We drive away with discussions about the teacher, how much she enjoyed the class, and a general sense of well-being with an eye toward the next audition.


This year we've had to scratch two auditions off the list because of scheduling constraints with her ballet company's rehearsal schedule. She is ok with that. Somehow, most of the programs she auditioned for don't notify until the end of their audition season. She's done all except one audition, so she has quite a wait for some of the programs. She has received one acceptance, and that seems to have ramped up the anticipation that comes each day as we make the final turn onto our street.


It's surprising that the waiting game just does not get any easier. The rest of the process really does get smoother - why not the waiting? Crystal ball anyone???




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This is DD's 2nd audition season and it seems the waiting IS even more charged than last year. I'm wondering if it's because she discusses auditions with studio friends and also now with friends made at last year's SI who are all over the country (via email and IM), comparing notes on audition classes and results... hoping they'll reconnect somewhere, sometime! It seems that today's technology really facilitates youthful networking!

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Mini Cooper - I am so there with you on this. My dd is loving the audition process and learns from each one. She has really enjoyed learning how to distinguish the different styles presented at the auditions. Her low key dad sits at home with our son while I drive here, there and everywhere for auditions. He really has not much to say other than the "have fun and good luck", a big hug for support, and "how did it go" when we get home. If she only knew how he calls several times during the day, every mail day of the week asking if "it" came. "It" can be from any company - just the letter in general. It is so sweet to watch his suptleness when inside he is truly so excited for her. I have fun watching this game go on - it lightens what can otherwise be a somewhat tense situation.

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You are right about the technology. Some of her friends from the NE have received early acceptances, and are urging her about a couple of particular programs. It's still going to be awhile before we hear, but the IM'ing continues.


You're right point2perfection, my husband is quietly supportive on the outside, but grills me with the questions. That probably adds to the anticipation, too.



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Sounds like third year audition kids have similar experiences, are more comfortable with the process but would love the mailman to speed up the delivery. It's a tough wait, with lots of speculation.

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You are right. It doesn't get easier...it gets harder. At one point in time, there was little expectation, only curiosity and interest. Then, THE letter from the much desired SI arrives, dk has a wonderful experience there...and the "barre" is forever raised!


I try to tell dd that no matter what happens this summer, "she'll always have Paris." OK, well it wasn't in Paris, but in another pretty fabulous city at an equally fabulous school. But you get my point.


So, how many times did we all go to the mailbox or look out the window for the mail truck today?




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