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new adult beginner

Guest mic31

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Hi, mic31, and welcome to the Adult Ballet Students' forum on Ballet Talk, here at Ballet Alert! Online.


And also welcome to the world of ballet class! I quite agree that it's an infectious activity, and commend you for your choice of arts to study.


Just be sure to take the first few months of training easy. Beginning at 31 can be an awful shock to the system if things are introduced too rapidly, and injury is the one thing we all try to avoid, if at all possible. You'll see the way for you to "maximize your experience" in your own way, if you just go along with the flow of learning the technique. It's a strange thing - but ballet discipline seems quite rigid to those who don't understand it completely, but when you catch on the idea that the discipline and technique are liberating things, then you've really got something! smile.gif

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Hey, that's what I'm here for! smile.gif And join us down on the Men's Forum, too; you're entitled!

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Hey Mic, welcome aboard! I'm a male beginner as well, and took my first ever trembling steps in a dance studio in september this year. I've been going twice a week, which I think has been a good start up tempo. Now that I've been going a while, I'm thinking about increasing to 3 classes next term. I would recommend that you go real carefully in the beginning and stretch alot - every day. I have contracted a strange stretching tightness in my right leg (from the buttock and down) which has been with me for a month now, I suspect due to poor stretching before a class combined with an over energetic jette.

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