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i wanna go to ballet school

Guest red27

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hey wats up? i dont know anything about ballet and im barely starting but i been reading everyones posts and i see that alot of people go to ballet schools. :rolleyes: i mean i would love to do that but isnt it really expencive?? my family isnt poor but we're not wealthy niether. so....if you have any suggestions then i'd like to hear. thanks a million :D


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red, any type of GOOD arts training costs money. It's not cheap, but it is very valuable. ALL of the students on this board are here because they study ballet, whether it is for fun or whether they are very serious about making a career in dance.


There are some threads about starting late that you might want to look up. Scroll through all the threads on the Young Dancers' forum and you will find some. It's not easy, but most people seem to think that it is very worth all the effort and the money! :D

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