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I am looking for a certain brand leotard and I don't know the name of it. On the back of all their leotards, there is an embroidered dancer in the color of the leotard (I think). Also, the fabric is not cotton, but smooth and stretchy. I'm pretty sure that the company is not American. If you could, tell me the name and/or where I can buy these leotards online or in stores. Thank you so much and I'm sorry that I didnt give a very good description!!!!! :D

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I know what leo you are talking about, they are all the rage in NY studios right now and my dd loves them as well. They are Wear Moi. They are made in france but you can get them from a company in california. The website is www.wearmoi.com The website to order them is www.aurorascollection.com they ship pretty quickly. Be careful if you look for wear moi 's on another website, because there is a company in the UK that looks very similar (and may be the same co.) however the leo's are not of the same quality.


P.S. they run big so order one size down.


* sorry, I just realized I posted on the teen board, please delete is necessary

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I don't think we'll delete it.

This is really more of a Buddy Board fashion issue, but as the lead poster is a New Member, and doesn't have access there, we're already making an exception for it. Thanks for the tip! :)

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