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The dance minor or double major


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Does anyone have information of college programs that allow for a strong Ballet Minor or allow for a double major with one program being outside the arts?


We're just beginning to research this area but I think DD is leaning towards Plan A being an apprenticeship, trainee or position with a company. However, Plan B has changed recently to not getting a Dance major but rather looking at a minor or double major with a science emphasis is something related to Sports Nutrition or Therapy so that she can work with dancers and other athletes long term.


Just wondering if anyone has found strong programs that allow the minors to do more than take a few classes here and there.



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I know of 2 girls, one at Butler one at Indiana that had double majors. At Butler the girl did Ballet and Business and the other is still at Indiana with a double major in Ballet and Physical Therapy. I heard that one other girl at Indiana is also a dance major then she is going for her Physical Therapy degree. All three of these girls are very motivated high achievers. The girl that at Butler got her degree in 3 years and worked with NCBT for a year and just started law school. One of the girls at Indiana was in corp de ballet at NYCB by 16.


It's hard but doable. My ds finished his AA while at Orlando Ballet's trainee program.

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I might be able to shed light on Indiana


its a weird program when it comes to academics, in a good way, i think.


Its not technically a double major. My understanding is that a double major is two seperate pieces of paper each one its own degree. Indiana is like two majors on one piece of paper. It is only one degree, it is a Bachlor of Science in ballet with an outside field in whatever you want. The most popular outside field is Business, the Kelly School of Business at Indiana is something like in the top 15 public business schools in the country, the neat thing for the ballet majors is that we dont have to apply to get into the business school like all the "real" business majors and yet our degrees are from Indiana.


The beauty of the outside field in business is that it lets you go straight into graduate school. other popular outside fields at IU in my experiance have been English, comparitive literature, phsycology, math, and some others. actually here are some of the bios from Nutcracker they include peoples outisde fields




i dont know if other outside fields will let you go into grad school. the BS instead of BFA is nice IMO becuase you dont have to take all those slimy general education classes. There are losses though when you dont have gen ed requirements, no dance history, or dance composition, or pedagougy (you are however required to teach non-majors two semmesters and choreograph on your peers two semmesters, its just more of a do-it-yourself experiance). But then there is the practicality of it. Some would say to be a sucessful peformer you dont need those things and that it makes more sense to fill dance history with Accounting and dance compositon with Marketing.


yes, you can do it all in 3 years. Two girls with outside fields in business are done in 3 years this year. You have to take summer school class or bring in quite a bit of credit. You can either take summer school at IU which is fairly expensive or you can do it at your local community college or through a community college online both of which are very cheep in comparison.



hope that helps.


Actually what I think makes Indiana unique is the size of the deparment. It's really small, there are 45 of us. we all get to dance where as i believe, in most college settings the freshman dont dance as much.



I've heard butler brings in directors to check out their dancers on a yearly basis. Needless to say, I am very envious. I would say major + to any program is the faculty's ability to get you child a job when they graduate or before. Butler is deff. on top of that.

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