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Pulling up

Guest GetThePointe32

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Guest GetThePointe32

Whenever I'm in arebesque a lot of times it seams like I'm falling forward. If I try to pull up then my leg gets lower. Should I just keep pulling up with my leg lower or is there anything I can do to pull up in my back more? THANKS!

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GetthePointe, have you checked out any of the hundreds of topics on arabesque? :) An arabesque moves forward and UPWARD in the front half of the body, and backward and upward with the back leg. The forward movement is moving the body weight forward, to counter balance the leg in the back. The body does not bend or tilt (unless you doing a penché), and the back must not drop. However, you can't pull backward with the torso either. It MOVES forward, not bends forward. :wacko:

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