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Yes, you have met the requirements and are now on the Buddy Board :) (If you can't see it on the forum list, hit the Refresh button for the page.)

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That's what all the "Sticky" topics are for :lol: Read them, and you will learn everything! The Buddy Board is for teens to be able to chat, which is not allowed on Young Dancers. Teens are admitted there after they have been here 14 days and have 30 substantial posts. The rules are all for very solid reasons in terms of maintaining the integrity and dignity of this board, and the safety of our members, especially young teens. :pinch:

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And there's also a "Rules and Policies" link right at the top of the page, under Ballet Talk.

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Counting this post, I have made 30 posts. Have I met the requirements to see the buddy board?

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That is why you have to post here and ask to be on the Buddy Board....you can't see it until either Mr. Johnson or I manually activate the privilege :( You will both be on in a ocuple of minutes.

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Okay, Cherrio, you are on the BB! :thumbsup:

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I think that including this post I've made 30! :shrug: And, I think they've been substancial :) ........so, can I go on buddy board???

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Yep, substantial they are! Good on ya, mate! :) You should see the Buddy Board now.

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Oh Thanks!!!!! :) I've been looking forward to this!

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