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Guest futuregelseystar

hello everyone!


i just wanted someone's opinion on how to get more flexible. i have very long legs and i feel like everyone looks to me for high legs and flexibility. but no matter how hard i try, i can't seem to get flexible or stronger. do you have any tips on (a) exercises on getting flexible (:wacko: key points on nailing those high legs in all direction.

thank you so much for the help and support, i am really starting to get down because i am the least flexible person in my level! help! i need a confidence booster!

thank you so much!!!!!

i love this site!


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Hello futuregelseystar, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


Unfortunately, if flexibility is not natural, and it isn't necessarily natural to everyone who has long legs, by the way, then it takes a very long time and a lot of hard work and patience. There are no real "tips" that will change anything quickly. It's a matter of classes, more classes, stretching and more stretching. You should only work on the stretches you have learned in classes, and you need to do them when you are warmed up, either during the class, like between barre and center, or immediately after the class. Or both!


Do not force the flexibility by doing things you can't do yet, or have not been shown HOW to do correctly. And people with tight hips and hamstrings MUST be well warmed up, like after a full barre, for working on extension stretches.


Pilates might be a very good thing for you to start, as that will definitely help in flexibility. Do it with a Certified Instructor, not on your own, at least at first. You have to LEARN how to do every exercise right, or it won't do any good and you could get hurt.

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Guest cheeriodancer10

I'm rather petite and don't have very long legs, but one of my close friends does. She also has trouble sometimes finding the strength of extend or hold her leg in a high position. My teacher told her that it is expected that she wouldn't naturally be able to keep her leg high cuz she hasn't quite "grown into her legs". Since I am more compact it's easier for me to hold my leg. Eventually she'll grow into her legs and build up mor e strength. Don't worry you're lucky to have long legs! :pinch:

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Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

I have very long legs im a little over 5'7 and i can always tell when I get stronger, my flexibility decreases. I know this is normal as I have read in other posts, but are there any tips to regain the flexibility lost when gaining strength? I am able to control my long legs and such but they have no flexibility(i'm not naturally very flexible either even though my mom was)or is it just doing the same things you would do to normally work on flexibility??? it's very frustrating. I never fully regain the flexibility i had before i get stronger. It takes so long :unsure: My studio doesnt offer pilates either and i don't know of a place that does in my area so i don't know what to do. I've dealt with this for about 11 years but it's come to a point where I am noticably less flexible than most in my class, and i'm one of the oldest girls.Also, maybe i'm just nottrying hard enough, but my flexibility seems to have stopped improving. Is this at all possible as you reach say 15 and a half??

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the only "tips" i know, is stretch when ever you can (during gym class, while reading, while watching tv, etc...) and hold the stretch for at least 1 minute (if not more)


good luck :wink:

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Well, my teacher had us do what are called "Torture stretches" they are supposed to help you eventually get great flexibility. But mainly jsut stretching everyday consistantly, when you watch tv (ya when there is time) stretch so it wont feel totally "bum".

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I would say work on it a little bit each day. I used to not be flexible, and I worked at it a little each day, and I gradually got more flexible, and now, I'm one of the most flexible people I know (and only 2 years later!)

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