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Guest enpointe3636

I participate in PE, but I never run the mile. I've heard it builds muscles in the wrong places. Also, I've heard people saying that if you want to be professional, you probably shouldn't be at a regular school. I do go to a regular school, which happens to be very rigorous, and I try very hard to do well in school. I also aspire to be professional...I have a lot of problems with stress at school and ballet, and I find it near impossible to find time to do all of my homework and all of my ballet exercises. I feel very overwhelmed. Any suggestions?

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Many very serious pre-professional dancers, in fact probably most, go to "regular school". They are also very good students. There is nothing wrong with participating in PE, especially if you don't have to do a lot of long distance running. The trick is balance and priority. You need to learn to manage your time and be very efficient. It's totally possible.

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