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Hip popping to turn out

Dancing on my toes

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When ever I do a passe, I have to pop my hip to get it to turn out to my full potential. I've been doing this for years. It doesn't bother me that much because it doesn't hurt, but I was wondering if it was bad for me.

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"Popping hip" syndrome is widespread. If there's no pain, that's fine, but if it's hanging you up when you try to do a retiré you need to have it looked at by a sports or performance medicine doctor.

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What do you you mean "hanging me up"? Because when I do a retiré I kind of pop my hip into the position for it to be held. Is that what you mean?

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That's it, all right. That's "hanging you up". The legs should move freely, without restriction, into retiré.

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So should I go see a physical therapist then? Because one of my hips was doing it all the time before too and a few months ago after my ballet classes it would hurt, I iced it everday for about 2 weeks after class and the popping has gone away in that hip. Now it is just one hip popping. Do you think that if I iced this hip after ballet class everday it would go away like the other one?

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Whoa! It hurt? Go to the doctor. Go directly to the doctor. Do not pass "GO". Do not collect $200.

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Haha, I love you sense of humor! But it wasn't the popping that hurt, my hip hurt after class so I told my teacher about it and she said to ice it and if it didn't go away to go to the doctor. The pain and the popping went away after 2 weeks of icing it after every class. I still have one hip that is popping though, but it hasn't started to hurt after class like the other one did. So should I go get my hip checked out right away or see if after a while of icing my hip it goes away?

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If you have pain coming on afterwards or during an exercise, even though you've iced it, that's a sign of continuing injury. If it happened in the past, that's a medical history. You need a doctor to diagnose what's happening to you. No joke this time.

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Okay, thank you so much Mr. Johnson, I will try to get to a doctor right away!

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