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Housing: NYC places to stay


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Just got this from Washington Square Hotel with some good prices for the main audition months. Just a note the hotel is very cool but with very small rooms. It is near 3 main subway stops, 6th ave and Waverly, Christopher Street and Astor Place.


The price includes a breakfast as well.


Dear Guest,


With New York City under a bit of a chill, the Washington Square Hotel

would like to extend a warm winter welcome. Take advantage of our

special rates from January 3 to March 31, 2005 by booking directly at

our hotel.



· Superior Singles: $127

· Superior Doubles: $150

· Superior Queens/Twins: $161

· Superior Quads (Two Double Beds): $184

· Deluxe Doubles: $165

· Deluxe Queens/Twins: $176



· Superior Singles: $141

· Superior Doubles: $166

· Superior Queens/Twins: $179

· Superior Quads (Two Double Beds): $204

· Deluxe Doubles: $182

· Deluxe Queens/Twins: $194


Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, our hotel offers 160 stylish

guest rooms where one can enjoy a quiet retreat from the city life. We

are surrounded by world famous jazz clubs, Off-Broadway theaters, the

ethnic delights of Little Italy and Chinatown, fashionable shops of Soho

and the art galleries of Chelsea.


To further enhance your stay, enjoy a daily complimentary continental

breakfast and a fully equipped exercise facility. Make sure to inquire

about the massage/facial services as well as discount parking. A

friendly multilingual staff is here to assist with all your business and

personal needs. We also provide complimentary wireless internet access

in the lobby and lobby bar.



Take advantage of our special rates by booking directly.

Go to:


website: www.washingtonsquarehotel.com

e-mail: reservations@wshotel.com.

phone: 1-212-777-9515 or 1-800-222-0418


Also, ask reservations about our deluxe room accommodations with

complimentary high-speed internet access.


Washington Square Hotel

103 Waverly Place

New York, New York 10011


*Rates are subject to availability.


*Rates are in US dollars are per room, per night and are subject to

applicable taxes.


*The special winter rates are not retroactive and only apply to new

bookings made on our website or booked directly at the hotel for stays

between 1/3/05 to 3/31/05.

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Any of BA NYC residents know "where" DK's auditioning should be staying??? We are currently in the process of subleting an apartment for the month of February (much cheaper than hotels and thought we could pool our resources as parents and know that we all have a nice, safe facility for our kids) Any thoughts, opinions?

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Upper West side of Manhattan - convenient to SAB, City Center, AIley, Steps. Good public transportation and safe neighborhoods. Try 66 to 110 Streets on Bway, West End or Riverside. Not above 96th Street for Amsterdam, Columbus or Central Park West.


PM me if you want more info

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Try this handy site: NYC hostels it includes the very nice YMCA on West 63rd and other places, offers reviews and bookings. I have no experience with using this site to book anything, but just happened upon it when looking something up for a friend.


If anyone uses it and finds it helpful, it'd would be great to get some feedback. B)


The main website is "Every Hostel, Everywhere" at Hostels.com :)

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Just found this link on the Steps website - anyone looking for *inexpensive places to stay for short or long term might find their listing helpful housing in New York City. There is, of course, a very long thread on the FAQ section of the SI forum devoted to "where to stay in NYC", too. :angry:


*inexpensive is a relative term, especially in NYC. :huepfen:

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I think the cheapest place in NYC is the White House Hostel in Bowery. I only paid 35 Dollars/Night including tax. Mini-mini rooms but it is certainly ok when you have a limited budget.

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This is great, Dance Scholar London, thanks for sharing! I love the Clinton quip too. :) Geez, that area sure has changed from when I lived and worked down in the Bowery in the mid-70's. This hostel reminds me of a couple we visited in Ireland recently. It really was more like having a very inexpensive hotel room than a hostel bed. Nice trend. :thumbsup:

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Ok, you've GOT to run your mouse over the Bill Clinton photo on the home page of the Whitehouse Hotel. :)

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:thumbsup: That could only be funnier if it were a picture of Hillary, and the caption read, "Bill and I ..." !! :)


On second thought ... did you catch #1 on the scroll on the left?

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LOL, you are very welcome. I stayed there almost 6 weeks as it was cheaper than to rent an appartment but be aware that it is really basic basic. I was there during the summer, and I spend most of my time at the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts or outside. The room is really small and only of sleeping but not to spend time there. But I met quite a few dancers there and the atmosphere is friendly and safe.

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I just want to 2nd DSL's reccommendation for the White House Hotel. I stayed there on a few trips before I moved to NYC and it is definitely a good and affordable hostel/hotel for someone on a budget. The place was actually built to house railroad workers in the city, which is kind of neat and helps you understand why the rooms are small and open on the top. The neighborhood is in a great part of the city as well!

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Bumping this back up for air...

DD will be moving to NYC late September to attend the STEPS ISVP....in the process of finding "afforable" place to live...( :innocent: )

Are there any BA's with a room to rent????

She neat, charming(of course) does dishes and laundry!! :wub:

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