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colour of tights for class

Guest twoleftfeet

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Guest twoleftfeet

Just a simple question really but does anyone out there wear any other colour tights apart from black to class?

I was toying with the the idea of getting some in red or light blue and was wondering what general opinion might be?

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I have worn dark blue, light blue and grey tights in class, no big issue with that from my fellow students. As long as you're neat and tidy I think its ok.

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Guest DerfDude04

I've always wanted to do that...like girls wear their colored leotards...guys wear colored tights! I've seen people wearing blue, grey, and black with blue flames on it (must have been a costume). Some people have occasionally worn white too.

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Guest brbr-opus38

I would wear a nice green; nothing bright or anything, just a dark foresty green. I don't know where to find them though. Does anyone know if there's a brand that has a good selection of colored tights, or do most people get them from costumes?


I also think a deep red would be cool. In the January issue of Dance Magazine, I saw a picture of Albert Evans with Wendy Whelan in Jerome Robbins' The Goldberg Variations, and he was wearing a really nice shade of red with short white socks and shoes.

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I wear black, white. dark blue, burgundy and dark purple (my favourites!). I only wear white under 3/4-length tights or shorts, though. Just wearing black all the time would be boring!

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Black and Grey most of the time. I have occasionally worn white. I have been asked to wear white to class twice. I guess it is easier to see errors in white and grey. As far as colors, one of the studios would frown upon it. (Real conservative) The other wouldn't care.

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If you're looking for colored tights you might want to try Danskin. I believe they are only sized for women but it's basically the same for men. I wear a medium just fine and they have all the colors in the world, shorts and capris and they have a low-banded waist. so you don't need to suspender them.

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