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Important! Please read! We're closing the blogs


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I've sent PMs to several people who have blogs, but haven't heard from them, so I'm posting this here. As usually happens :pinch: people haven't been using the blogs. Only two people have updated their blogs in several months -- six months, eight months. Since they're expensive, I've decided to unsubscribe from the blogging software. That will happen January 10th. If yoiu have a blog now and want to download posts from it, please do so before midnight, Sunday, January 9th. Simply go into each entry, select the text, copy it into a word processing document, and you can have it in case you'd like to start a blog again.


There are several free blogging sites out there -- I'm told that www.blogger.com is a good one.

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Thanks for the update Alexandra! I guess we bloggers spend so much time taking class that there isn't much time to write about it :)

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I think you're right! I wanted to giive people the opportunity to try it, since blogs are the cool, in thing :) And I undersrtand all the reasons why one wouldn't keep up a blog. But it's gotten too the point that if you all aren't using them, then there's no sense in keeping them!

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