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How high do you wear your tights?

Guest brbr-opus38

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Guest brbr-opus38

Unless you're in an academy with a strict dress-code, it seems as if everyone has their own unique way of wearing tights, socks, and shoes. Most commonly I see black full-length tights with black shoes, or black tights just below the knee with no socks and either black or white shoes. I've also seen some guys wear black tights above the knee.


I usually wear long cut-off black tights just above my ankles with white socks and shoes, and I tuck my shirt into my tights. I feel like it gives my legs a nice, long look, and it emphasizes whatever good I have in my feet, which isn't that much.


How do you all wear your tights?

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Would love to wear the tights above the knee but have never seen them anywhere in the shop... What brand is that?

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I usually dress the same way as you, black tights with white shoes, socks & t-shirt. If the studio is cold, baggy sweatshirt pants in the beginning of the class, till I get warm. Simple and if I may say so nice.

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I vary - sometimes footed tights, sometimes footless at the ankle or just below the knee, and sometimes shorts to about half-way down the thigh. I wear footed white tights under 3/4 length footless or shorts, though - looks better with hairy legs!

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I good topic! I chuckled at this. I am in a pretty lose dress code enviroment, its neat to see what people come up with. I've seen lots of flattering and not so flattering contraptions. Some of the more unique ways I've seen tights worn; I knew a boy with incredably long and gorgeous legs, he would wear shorts cut just below the buttocks then wear very colorful boxers on top of them. So all you saw were the boxers, it worked for him. I've known people to wear shorts cut halfway between the knee and pelivs with leg warmers pulled up to various heights, not so attractive, IMHO. I had a friend at high school that would cut his M Stevens tights some where mid leg. (they dont run) He had already cut holes in the feet so he would pull the cut legging over his arms for a different look in modern classes.


There arent that many places to buy Mens tights that are unique or colorful, but I've found that you can find interesting opaque ladies tights at second hand and consignment stores.

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People who know me from ADC know I have a perchant for color :D When it comes to finding colored tights, I keep my eyes open when I'm shopping around in different cities. If I see something fun, I buy it. Motion Wear usually has some fun stuff. And there's a company out of Seattle I've seen with good clothes. Harmonie. It's owned by some retired dancers. Nice stuff.


When it comes to length, that depends on the season. When it's hot, I go back to the shorts. Harmonie and Motion Wear make some great shorts. They're a little short, so it might appeal to those who lean toward the exhibitionistic side :blushing:, but they're really comfortable. When it gets cooler, like today, I go for longer lenghts. I've found I prefer the ankle length M. Stevens unitard rolled up to about 3/4 length, and no socks.

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In London one can only buy footed or ankle length tights, nothing else. I asked in the shops and I have been told that this is due to uniform requirements for most schools. Hence, there is not much choice left for adult students

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Guest brbr-opus38

Dance_Scholar, I don't know of any places that sell tights that are cut just above the knee. Most times I've seen people wear them that way is after they cut normal length tights to that length.


One time I got 5 or 6 pairs of footed M Stevens tights, but soon decided that I hate how all black tights and shoes look on me. So I cut them all to different lengths: right at the ankle; 3/4 at the middle of the shin; right below the knee; and one just above the knee. I have to admit, I regret cutting the one above the knee; I hardly ever wear that to class, and when I do I try not to look at the mirror :D . Pretty much, I have really bad legs, so they're kindof sensitive to what I wear.

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Whatever smells clean


If I'm wearing footed tights, I try to match the shoes to the tights (grey black)


Occasionally I mismatch my shoes and end up with a black and white pair.


I will changes shoes in hte middle of class if a floor is particularly sticky. I like a slippery floor (mildly slippery)


Black hides sins better than lighter colors.



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Yes, I am looking for grey tights but I cannot find them. Is there a mail order who sells coloured tights?

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I wear footed, black tights and black shoes. Ostrich-like, I believe that this somehow

hides my faults better. Yes, I know, the purpose of class is to have faults discovered

and corrected, but...

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