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DVD/Videos: ABT's The Dream

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Today I bought The Dream of American Ballet Theatre on DVD. It is exclusively available at the Royal Opera House store in London, though I am not sure if it has been published. The costumes and mise-en-scène is fantastic, and of course really good dancer. Nick Bottom transformed into a donkey on pointe is too funny :D

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Guest SouthDakotaDancersRock

I absoluty love my DVD of American Ballet Theater in The Dream. Ethan Steifel and Alessandra Ferri are beautiful! I Also love the core dancing and Herman Cornejo is AMAZING as Puck. Check it out! :)

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I bought it a while ago. Not only the dancing is beautiful but also the mise-en-scene and costumes are fantastic. And I love the donkey!!

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I was in awe at Asthon's inventive in choreography and at the detailed footwork. Also the way he managed to put the whole story in a short ballet is amazing. The only part I have found missing is that neither Theseus nor Hippolyta are depicted.


I love the sets also - and was astounded at Herman Cornejo's dancing- he seems to make no effort to do very difficult technical stuff.


I was positiverly impressed by Ethan Stiefel from the artistic point of view- I have come to consider him as a technical dynamo, but here he demonstrates he is a good artist also.


I loved Stella Abrera - a very lyrical dancer, whom I hope develops further into a complete artist in future.


Alessandra Ferri is, as always, lovely. A mature artist now, from every point of view


All the above, IMHO :D

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Guest pink tights

The Dream is available via Netflix. Ethan Stiefel has the most beautiful feet! Such an amazing dancer. And of course Ferri is simply amazing. Love her in Romeo and Juliet!

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I absolutely loved watching Herman Cornejo jump! He's the most amazing jumper. It looks like he has springs in his feet! I just love the choreography!

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:) I loved The Dream! It was so intreasting my mother and i kept debating weather Bottom was a girl or a guy on pointe shoes. I decied it was "movie magic."
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Oh my gosh! I love this ballet :wub: , it's absolutely one of my favorites! The story is great, it's very interesting and funny at times. The dancing is absolutely amazing. Plus, the costumes and the set is beyond gorgeous. Ethan Stiefel is a definite plus :) , awesome dancer, his technique is flawless! I would definitely recommend this ballet to anyone :D . Definately buy your own copy, you'll want to see it multiple times!

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